Quick Look: Dark Horse and Gelaskins Brings Buffy-grade Protection to Your iPhone


Dark Horse Comics, purveyors of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Angel, Hellboy, among other licensed and creator-owned fare have teamed up with Gelaskins to produce a series of comic and pop-art inspired protective coatings for your iPhone, iPod touch, and laptop.

They were kind enough to send TiPb a sample of the Buffy and Hellboy iPhone 3GS skins, and the art was bold and beautiful, and the product every bit as good as I've come to expect from Gelaskins (I've been using them for a long time, as some may have noticed, seeing my iPhone 3G with Dragon backing in many of our videos last year).

They won't protect your iPhone from severe impact, but they'll keep scrapes and abrasions at bay, (and if an imaginary vampire attacks, maybe, just maybe, Buffy or Faith will jump out and dust them for you).

Each skin has a matching wallpaper available for download. iPhone and iPod touch skins are $14.95 and available via the above link.

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Quick Look: Dark Horse and Gelaskins Brings Buffy-grade Protection to Your iPhone


And on the plus side, the picture gives you the same amount of radiation as a gold backing for less than 1/4 the price! :)