Quick Jailbreak App: SmartScreen Widgets for Lock Screen

SmartScreen provides widgets for your iPhone lock screen -- provided your jailbroken, that it. The demo above shows calendar, stocks, and weather, but the developer will be making an SDK available so other apps can get in on the widgety goodness. Conceivably Twitter updates, IMs, to-dos -- any information snippet really -- could be added.

On behalf of non-Jailbreakers, Gizmodo asks Apple to bake this type of functionality into the official fimrware, and let's face it -- they need something for iPhone 4.0 next year. Does it complicate Apple's current, zen-like lock screen? Sure, but that lock screen is currently so informationally sparse, maybe it could use some complication?

If you try out SmartScreen, let us know what you think.

[Thanks angelrat101 for the tip!]

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Reader comments

Quick Jailbreak App: SmartScreen Widgets for Lock Screen


I think iphone can do many things but apple not allow or they don't let user to use it for this time. So iphone hacker is occurred. hahaha

I never understood why this functionality wasn't built in already. The iPhone screen is so beautiful. Why not make it informative while it's locked. Let's go apple.

OMG! I've always wanted this! Don't know if I'll JB though. Bummer. Get with it Apple!!
Those nails are frightening.

I'm jailbroken and this app is obviously not available as of yet. But I sure can't wait until it is!!!

Wow. Just. Wow!
I've always read/heard from pro-jailbreakers saying that jailbreaking the iPhone would reveal the phones true potential.
Now I'm starting to see.
Maybe Apple will include this nice feature in the hopefully-not-too-distant future.

when will this be available through cydia? you guys are silly not to jailbreak if you have a 3GS. don't you guys like running apps in the background? or how about answering a text while in any app?

@ Renasena
after seeing so many videos that include a jailbroken iPhone, I just can't stand having that laggyness on the iPhone constantly. Sure everything in the appstore will be free and such and plus tons of new features to customize your iPhone, i just hate that it slows down the phone's processing soo much.

The whole interface needs a makeover, not just the lock screen.
If apple does not totally redesign the entire iphone interface by June/July they are lost. By that time Android will have another release out, Palm will be on their second release and the Nokia N900 will be pushing their new phone into North American markets.
Apple has 9 months. After that, even with new hardware, the iPhone will be considered obsolete.
75000 fart apps won't make up for a Windows 3.0 interface full of big fluffy icons all over the desktop.

Yes apple give us this and give us real wallpaper on the next update EXP icons in front of the wallpaper oh and when somebody sends us a voicemail a icon pops up next to the 3G or E icon you know what I mean NOW DO IT O MMS TOMMORO YAY YAY YA OH NEVERMIND NOT THE VOICEMAIL THING.. JUST DO. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh apple or Steve jobs Flash support for the iPhone plz plz...

This actually makes me wanna jailbreak my 3gs, the only reason I won't is because I don't want to get accustomed to the jailbreak only to lose functionality if ever I decide to upgrade to a newer firmware.

not available on cydia yet but please remember to update this blog when it is ready so all of us can remember to grab it. Thanks

Widgets on anything is total win. If Apple would add this function to non-jailbroken iPhones. This would be awesome.
But why stop at lock screens. Follow the Android route and make Widgets available on home screen. It gives simpler access to information and to apps

I don't know. Widgets are that big of a deal to me. I like the idea of running apps in the background and answering text messages inside an app but not enough to jailbreak.
I'm sure there's a lot more that the iPhone can do but I like what I have now. I do not think that the iPhone will be obselete in 9 months either (just my opinion).
I don't know guys, every since I started following this blog I'm starting to see why everyone is always saying iPhone users bitch and complain way too much. There's an air of truth to what's being said and I understand the desire for wanting more but ALL companies hold back technology. LED technology has been around forever and we're just starting to see a surge right now.
Oh well, just my 2 cents.

Nice idea, but the widgets are bit large. I think they'd be nicer if they were narrower allowing more of them to be stacked within one screen.
I doubt Apple will change the iPhone's interface much next year. It's far more intuitive than the dark, scary, confusing UIs Ive seen on the others. Less is more. Steve Jobs won't do ghetto.

This would definitely be a very nice addition to the stock iPhone. I was just telling my girlfriend today that the only thing the iphone feels like it is lacking is a task list + calendar list that shows up on the lock screen. All of that beautiful real-estate is wasted and I hate having to go into an application JUST to see my tasks. This would put my tasks in my face every time I look at the time/turn on my phone.

Really REALLY want to JB my 3gs but all the things i want from it will eventually fall into an update for the unJB iphone in the near future

Guys if you have not jailbroken your iphone yet you really need to. I cannot stand my iphone when its not jailbroken. Because its not customized. Once you jailbreak your phone you will absolutely love it. And apple does not want you to customize your phone at all. So no updates are going to let you do that. A jailbroken iphone does not lag.

Hey guys I use lockinfo which is in cydia. Honestly it's the business, so handy I can see my tweets txts emails calander weather and there are many other plugins as well give it ago or try cydget that's free but it don't look as slick as lockinfo sorry jay ;-)