Quick Look: GolfTraxx iPhone App

GolfTraxx for the iPhone offers support for landmarks as well as distances to front, center, and back of each green. The GolfTraxx iPhone edition is fully integrated with the GolfTraxx database which contains hole-by-hole information for over 21,500 courses in across the globe Frank DeBenedetti, founder of GolfTraxx says:

“We took the very best features from our other versions and utilized the outstanding graphics of the iPhone to create an easy to use interface for iPhone which golfers are able to use on their first trip to the course.”

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Reader comments

Quick Look: GolfTraxx iPhone App


sounds like an awesome app. What are the odds the iPhones battery life will actually make it through a full 18 holes though. My bet is dead by the 11th hole.

Actually in the users guide they show how to 'power' down the iPhone so that it drains the batter much slower.

is there any golf gps that will show the location of each of my shots? maybe an overhead map, like google maps where i could drop a pin for every shot? im trying out the imapmyride for iphone now, just so when i get home i can track it on google maps.

Some golf GPS units even include satellite imagery of every hole. So, along with giving correct distances, good GPS devices can help you with strategy and course administration