Quick Look: Pong iPhone Radiation-Reducing Case


If cell phone radiation emissions is something that concerns you, you may be interested in taking a look at the Pong radiation-reducing case [$59.99- Web link].

Pong Research was nice enough to send us a sample to check out and, at first glance, it looks like a solid silicone case. It offers good protection while giving you full access to all ports, controls, and the camera. But a quick look on the inside reveals what makes this case so valuable - the Pong Gold PCB Module that reduces overall radiation output by 60%. It is this PCB module that directs a users iPhone’s cell phone signal and radiation through the back of the phone keeping it away from the user's head.

While the price is not cheap, if you are in the market for a silicone case and want protection from radiation, it's worth a look.

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Reader comments

Quick Look: Pong iPhone Radiation-Reducing Case


I have to wonder if the gold pcb acts as an external antenna. And if it does, maybe they should do a battery case to alleviate some of the 3GS' battery issues. Then the gold pcb can wrap around the battery and not loose any signal, maybe even boost it. Unlike my Incase battery case, which kills my cell signal.

This is enormously suspicious. I'm no RF expert, but nothing in my EE background would lead me to believe that you can "draw" a RF signal away from something. Especially not with few strips of copper and gold.
I'm going to put this in the "waste of money/infomercial tech" category.

oh and a possibly cheaper solution would be a bluetooth headset, no? plus you get to keep your nice snazzy case

PCB stands for what? Poly chloral biphenal? Pretty colored back?
If it reduced radiation it would reduce range.
If it merely redirected radiation out the back it would make the phone directional, you'd get a better signal standing sideways to the cell tower.
When cell towers sense that your signal is weak they boost their signal and send the phone a command to do likewise. Translation: More radiation. More battery waste.
Even if it worked as advertised, there no proof that cellphone radiation is harmful.

I checked out the Test data and it looks legit - Cetecom is the number one lab in the country. Also the scientist behind this product is a very distinguished guy - doesn't look like he would put his name on something bogus. The correlation between reducing SAR and increasing TRP (signal strength) makes sense if the radiation that was absorbed by the head is redeployed for communications.

@Rhizome - that only makes sense if the signal is being reflected away from the head, i.e. something reflective is placed between the transmitter and the head, which is not happening here.
@Icebike - PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board - at least in common usage. Virtually every electronic device uses a PCB. It's the platform for chips, resistors, connections, etc.

This device does not contain a printed circuit board. Infact is has no active component at all. It seems nothing more than a glued in "antenna booster".
Junk Science = Scam Product IMHO.

Shame on this otherwise good blog or feeding into the garbage hype and antiscience notion of cell phone radiation.
1) Cellphone signals are in the microwave range, and are not high enough frequency to alter DNA
2) The amount of power in a cell battery is not high power enough to generate appreciable heat in the brain.
3) Save the $60 and read up on why it is not even physically possible for cell phone transmitters to cause cancer....you'll be $60 richer and will have actually learned something.

@ Daryl
And you must be the dark prince himself to predict something like that!!! (wink) this product...Pure trash. Those worried about brain cancer don't carry cell phones at all. And if they do then there not worried about getting it from the cell phones. Stop worry in life and start living it.... without this ugly case.

As a person who literally carries his iphone with him nearly every minute of the waking day, I have serious concerns over the potential radiation released from my smart phone. It seems like a good investment to me

The thin brass plate they add to the case is nothing more than a larger version of a similar plate made in Korea and China that appeared in the US about 10 years ago that was sold in wholesale lots for around a nickel. The Pong case is conductive and while it no doubt absorbs, and may reflect, heat (SAR) for a limited amount of time, it does not have any effect upon the radiation frequencies(RF) that's proven to affect the health of phone users. In fact, it becomes useless once the brass reaches its thermal saturation point.