Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case for iPad - accessory review

Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case for iPad

The Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case for iPad is a beautiful way to add grip and color to your iPad. It is made with a soft silicone base that makes holding your iPad easy and much more secure.

The Case-Mate Gelli is easy to apply and remove from your iPad. The case is translucent so it allows the back of your iPad to still show through. The case also has a triangle pattern on it which gives the case a bit of style in comparison to a regular plain silicone case. The case is very easy to put on the iPad and has open spaces to allow for all the buttons and ports and controls. The case goes over the edges of the iPad so it will protect the iPad against minor impacts.

Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case is about 2 to 3 mm in thickness at it greatest points so it is still lightweight but also durable. This case is a nice silicone case as it has good grip but does not feel sticky as some other silicone cases can. I have been using this case for a week and I am quite happy with it. I would have liked if it came with a screen protector.

If you like silicone cases and you like the color selection then the Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case for iPad could be what you're looking for.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Openings for all ports and buttons


  • Does not come with screen protector

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Reader comments

Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case for iPad - accessory review


I probably wouldn't even take points off fo no screen protector. Even if it did come with one there is no guarantee it would be a good one. I'd rather buy one separately that I know is good.

Georgia can sell anything to me :) Sorry Rene, I can't say the same about you.
In all seriousness, I'm looking a change between my apple case and going bare... This case just might be it!
Thanks for the review!

Nice writeup, good details!
Question/concern: does the case material have an elastic property and sizing such that it fits the iPad snugly/sticky enough to not let it wiggle around inside the case?
My concern is slight movements, over time, will grind the inevitably-crept-in grit and dirt/dust into the iPad and scuff it.
The Apple case seems to be starting this in a few spots and I'm none-too-happy about it. I love the prop modes it has, but these probably precipitate all the subtle movement I'm observing.
If this case fits well enough it would mitigate crud-creep and prevent movement. How's the fit right on the edges? Can we get a super-close up of just one of the port areas' fitment?

@fastlane I know what you mean. I am considering this one myself especially after watching Georgia, and I have a folio case already, but....

@ TripZ,
Spoken like a guy that spends all day watching free pørn on his iPad.
Yeah, WE need to get out more...