Quick Review: Dashboard for iPad (Jailbreak)

Dashboard for iPad

Dashboard for iPad is a Jailbreak app that will appeal to anyone who likes having widgets -- like that little tiger puzzle -- on their desktop computer.

Since Apple won't allow widget apps on the official App Store, it's Jailbreak only. You can get it free through Cydia and is a decent tweak for being in it's beginning stages.  As of now, you're stuck with whatever default widgets are at the bottom. Actually, a user in our comments section brought to my attention you CAN install new widgets through SSH.  If you plan to SSH, as always, approach with caution.  Not recommended for beginning jailbreakers! I'd assume we will see some start popping up in Cydia and Rock soon.  Video after the jump!

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Quick Review: Dashboard for iPad (Jailbreak)


You have to manually ssh into the device to install third party widgets. The developer has posted a video on YouTube for assistance. I don't have the link, but searching "Dashboard, iPhone, Jailbreak" in YouTube/Google will bring up videos for assistance. User "Dinozambas" has a good YouTube video on how to ssh, or you can look in the TiPB forums.

am I missing somthing here, you cant change or interact with them, weather is stuck on cupertino, cant login to milk the cow or scroll around in the movies widget, good idea but pretty useless so far

Thanks for the tip Mahwil. I'll update that.
Michael, that's odd I could interact with mine and change things. To drag hold the x and drag in the corner.

Hold down your finger over the X that you would click to delete it, that's how you drag. Kind of awkward in my opinion. Took me a minute to figure it out too. You could see in the video I still hadn't figured it out, but about 20 minutes after I filmed it I figured it out :P

I am a huge jb fan, but when I jb'd my ipad it sucked. The SBS stuff worked but pretty much everyhthing else I love either didn't work or crashed the whole deal. Can't wait for the improvements, with 1mm+ sold, you know Saurik will be busy

if they install for you let me know, they definitely didn't for me. I could choose to install, they show up for a split second, then disappear.

to move a widget, hold your finger on the widget until it gets darker then drag it. you DON'T need to touch the x.

You can zoom on the weather widget by pinch or double tap, and to change the location hit the lowercase i on it, you may have to hit it twice, it then flips around, enter your zip code, be sure to hit the keyboard down button and hit done. Don't hit the next button or the app will crash. you can also tap the temperature and it gets smaller.

@Kyler - hmm, that's odd. I just tried it. It doesn't get dark for me :( Boo, maybe an uninstall and reinstall would fix it. I'll try that tomorrow.

When will hardware "widgets" be allowed/approved for the ipad? Seems like a market will exist for things that enhance the ipad experience via the 30 pin connector.

i just installed the iPad one on my iPhone 4 and it works perfectly. better than crazydashboard or any other one. be careful though, might depend on new processor or retina display

no apparently this will happen on the iPad as well, how you install doesnt matter. the attached compatibility list is helpful. im trying a 3rd party widget approved by the list now