Quick Review: Evernote for iPad

evernote for ipas

I am a huge fan of Evernote [Free- iTunes Link]. I knew they were working on an iPad version of their software, but I had no idea what to expect. Needless to say I am pleased with their design decisions and love the completely new layout for iPad.

Evernote for iPad gives you several new and fun ways to view and organize your notes. First, you can view them by thumbnail or details. I think thumbnails work best with pictures. I tend to have more text notes, so details works best for me. It gives me the name, etc. of the note at hand.

I love the way Evernote organizes notebooks and tags; the notes appear stacked on each other just like the Photos album. You can't pinch to peek and open (though that would be cool) instead you simply tap to open the notebook or tags you want. You can also sort by name or by count. There is now a separate area of view notes by place too, you can even use location services to find notes by your current location. Take audio and picture notes? Now you can do both in one note on the iPad app. This is a very nice addition.

If you are an existing Evernote user, you are in luck -- the app is universal. Download it once and use it on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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Quick Review: Evernote for iPad


Yes, read the review: "If you are an existing Evernote user, you are in luck — the app is universal. Download it once and use it on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad."

Wow, that looks sweet! The iPhone app is okay, although this should make the app really useful!
I'm glad you can add images and audio together too! (Hopefully I can do the same on my 3GS).

Great preview of an awesome app. Thanks!
Seriously though, you're vacationing in Cincinnati? In Ohio? You clearly need a better travel agent.

Evernote knows about that problem. Delete the app and resync it to your phone. Should clear the problem up!

I recently started using Evernote and its "free" storage space is severely limited. I have over 4000 pics on my iphone and have used only half the iphone capacity. I uploaded 166 pics from the iphone to Evernote, used 99% of Evernote upload capacity and recieved a warning notice that Evernote utilization would be restricted until the next cycle. From a practical standpoint Evernotes data restriction allows only 2% utilization of my iphones capacity per month. With this strict data limitation, it is more functional to use my iphone, ipad, and laptops and "Forget Evernote".