Quick review: Flight Control HD for iPad

Flight Control for iPad

Firemint's Flight Control HD for iPad [$4.99 - iTunes Link] let's you try your luck at setting the flight path of dozens of aircraft and getting them to their designated landing areas. Seems simple but as the number and variety of airplanes and helicopters increase so does the difficulty -- and the fun.

They say air traffic control is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, and as we found out in our interview with Firemint at GDC, that's exactly where the idea for the game came from.

On the iPad, just like the iPhone, you use your finger to trace the path of the plane to its landing strip and ensure that it does not crash. You have 8 single player maps, 10 aircrafts and the choice of single play or multiplayer. Want to play a friend on the same iPad? You can choose between co-op or vs. modes. Have two iPads? Play over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The game also offers fast forward for those impatient types (me!) and even a 3D map (bring your own glasses!).

Flight Control for the iPad is the perfect game when you need a bit of distractions from life's stresses... by taking on the stress of air traffic.

Check out the video after the break and tell me if I should have made another career choice...

YouTube link

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Quick review: Flight Control HD for iPad


I tried the glasses I got for the movie Avatar and they didn't work. Curious what will. Flight Control was a classic on the iPhone and its awesome to see it on the iPad. I haven't had time to play much yet but it was my very first purchase. This is a must have app.

I love this game. It's the first game/app I paid for. And my fiance loves it too and she doesn't play video games. It's addicting for sure.
JD: The 3D glasses you used for Avatar are not the Red/Blue 3D glasses like depicted in the game (the attractive flight attendant is wearing a pair). You need a pair of those, not the clear no-color ones from the theater.

3D glasses are only required for the 3D maps. Plenty of maps that are not 3D to enjoy. Love it on my iPod touch. Can't wait to load the HD version to my iPad!