Quick Review: Pogo Stylus

Our fearless leader/editor was able to meet some great vendors at Macworld 2009 this year and got a sampling of their products. I am rounding them up in a series of posts, so, let's take a look at what we have this time!

I love the "finger as a stylus" mantra of the iPhone, I really do. However, there are times when having a stylus would make life a lot easier. Fortunately, Ten One Design has come to the rescue with the Pogo Stylus for $14.95!

The stylus is made of lightweight metal and the tip, used to "touch" the screen is made of... some alien substance. The manufacture calls it a "trade secret". In any event, it works. So why would you want a stylus for your iPhone? Well, I can think of a couple reasons:

  • First, it is really cold right now in the Midwest, like 7 degrees cold. I don't really want to take off my glove outside to check the weather. Now I don't have to!
  • Second, I have a couple drawing apps that, as you may know, your finger gets in the way of. This stylus really makes drawing a LOT easier.

Their is not much more to say about the stylus. It works, has a handy clip if you are an iPhone 3G user and you have different color options. If this sounds like something that might be useful to you... it is!

Don't forget to checkout the photos and video below!


  • Works with any iPhone or iPod Touch!
  • Lightweight
  • Works as advertised
  • You can by stylus packs!
  • Different colors


  • Comes with a clip for iPhone 3G only. You have to buy the $4.95 add-on for the clip to fit all devices
  • Over time I can envision the tip of the stylus breaking off, though this is just speculation

TiPB's Rating:

5 stars

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Chad Garrett

Software trainer, blogger and mobile technology enthusiast living in the suburban Midwest.

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Reader comments

Quick Review: Pogo Stylus


It doesn't look like a stylus at all...it looks like a paintbrush. I can't imagine that being an effective method of precise input. It's actually quite ugly and seems almost completely unnecessary. The iphone has capacitative touch response for a reason. I think if the point was able to maintain it's functionality but adopt the pencil point accuracy of a stylus, then I might soften my cold heart.

The only purpose for this would be to use in below freezing temperatures. But even if I did use one I'd NEVER clip it onto the iPhone. I'll pass... and just continue to go indoors when it's too cold outdoors.

The PogoStylus is actually smaller then my finger, thus potentially more accurate.
I agree. I think this is very useful in certain situations. I really can't imagine using a stylus anymore after using my finger!

This could come handy when you wear gloves or mittens. I know Apple has the special gloves for iPhone, but in case you don't have them, this is a viable alternative.

This is probably the only appropriate time to say this but this is "sooo last year" or for the stylus case so 4 yrs ago ^_^. Last time I think i saw someone use a stylus was when i was in high school...not even kidding.
Also the clip looks a little ugly and funny :/. I use both my thumbs to compose a text/note/email and can do it fairly quickly and from with the pogo stylus um well seems painfully slow..

actually this could be very useful for people that live in cold areas but we have no need for this in SO CAL.

I usually don't post responses, but I just had to in this case. This has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. I agree with an earlier poster - if you have a finger, use it. Using a stylus on an iPhone is no different than using a fork to eat potato chips, or using a pencil to punch the buttons on your tv remote, or using a pair of pliers to open a drawer, and the list goes on. Why make things more complicated than they need be? Sure, there are maybe one or two times when a stylus might help a little, but carrying it around on the side of your iPhone, or even in your pocket is nothing but an inconvenience. Picking up a piece of trash that I might happen upon might be easier if I had one of those claw extension type things, but I'm not going to carry the thing around with me - I'll just bend over and pick it up. Pretty much the same applies to this thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for innovation, but it doesn't get any sillier than this.

Although I agree with a couple of the observations (strapping the thing to the side of the iPhone is kludgy, and the only reason to even have a stylus is if it offers more precise pointing than your finger), I can definitely see a use for a good stylus. My finger is a pretty blunt instrument (as evidenced by the vast numbers of corrections I've already had to make to this post) and a stylus would help both in selecting tiny menu buttons and in drawing apps. But this stylus also looks pretty blunt, and with no internal place to store the stylus, it's pretty much a lost cause.

Why???? I respect entrepreneurial creativity, i.e. Steve Jobs, i guess this makes you Anti-steve jobs, simply because he works towards simplifying, you work towards complicating, though still entrepreneurial. You created a new word ENTREPREURIAL-PERPLEX-COMPLEXITY. Simply because I'm amazingly perplexed by your entrepreneurial complexity!

And wowsers 15 bucks! I hope your financial model doesn't include a high degree of leverage, as you know we are in a recession!

It may not for apply for some of the previous posters, but a stylus is great for us gals with long fingernails. The side of my finger works fine for most stuff on the iPhone, but is not so great when trying to play fast-paced touch games.
If may seem like a dumb idea to some people, but obviously they saw a need and filled it. (No, mine is not attached to the side of my iPhone; I just pull it out of my purse when I want to play games or draw.)