Quick Review: Words with friends HD for the iPad

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Words with friends by Newtoy $4.99 [iTunes Link] is a scrabble-like game for the iPhone and now, iPad.

With Words with friends, you can play online against your friends, against random online opponents, or pass-and play on a single iPad. The nice thing about Words with friends is that it allows you to play with your friends at their own pace, with each move stored online. Push notifications are an option, however, so you know when your friend has made a move.

There's also an integrated chat/IM system so you are able to talk smack congratulate your opponents.

Some things that are in need of an update or fix, however. Account management is poor. Accessing your account details is annoyingly slow and if you want to change accounts, you have to delete the application and then reinstall it. (Yes, really!)

Also, a recent update took away the eyeball icons that previously told you your opponent was actually online. Unfortunately, it also left behind the "Go to developers Facebook fan page" button, awkwardly and annoyingly placed right between the titles and the board.

My last issue with Words with Friends is that you cannot re-arrange your tiles when its not your turn, which is a helpful way to prepare your next word. You also can't delete a game once in play and you can not resign from a game when it is not your turn. So I have about 3 ghost games on the iPad at anytime, which I find endlessly annoying.

All that being said, Words with Friends HD for the iPad is a good deal of fun, a great way to game with all your friends and to make some new ones. If you enjoy playing scrabble then you'll enjoy this!

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Reader comments

Quick Review: Words with friends HD for the iPad


It's a good game that needs some fixes.
Push notifications are broken on iPad.
Eyeballs gone.
But all in all, worth the $5.

There's no way to challenge a word. Nearly every game I played with strangers involved someone playing a non-word. I gave up on Words with Friends because of this.

I know WWF has a few shortcoming, which have already been mentioned, but if you already have it on your iPhone and enjoy the game then IMO this is a worthy purchase.
It should be noted that WWF HD is not a port. It has been rewritten to take advantage of the larger screen and cool iPad-esque drop down menus. The layout is even a bit different.

I agree with Scott, I've seen stuff that doesn't appear in either the Merriam-Webster or Oxford dictionaries like "hamaul" and "sice". Why allow obscure regional slang like that but not technical or medial terms? It's frustrating.