Quick Twitter Apps: qStatus and Echofon Twitter Clients for iPhone


qStatus is the App Store subset of the qTweeter Jailbreak app, and Echofon is the new name for Twitterfon. Confused yet? Don't be, we've got the basics on both these iPhone and iPod touch Twitter clients!

qStatus [$0.99 - iTunes link] is designed to quickly let you update your Twitter (and/or Facebook status), either with text, or by sharing your current song, a photo from the camera or library, or a video from iPhone 3GS. There's no reading functionality, but there is the typical Gx5 attention to awesome interface detail. Unlike qTweeter for Jailbreak, of course, there's no multitasking "swipe-down-to-tweet-from-anywhere" functionality either.

Echofon [Free - iTunes link] or Pro [$4.99 - iTunes link] is, as mentioned, the new name for Twitterfon and the new Pro version includes Push Notifications (with optional "sleep" period so it doesn't bother you , sync with Echofon for Firefox on the desktop (formerly Twitterfox). Non-Pro users get bug fixes and the name change.

If you get your tweet on with either, let us know how they work for you (or help me test them via @reneritchie).

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Rene Ritchie

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Quick Twitter Apps: qStatus and Echofon Twitter Clients for iPhone


I got qStatus and it's pretty decent. I like the option to tweet your songs and the fact that you can update your facebook status at the same time. Of course, the jailbroken qTweeter, having the option to update from anywhere justswiping from the top, was awesome. But qStatus is pretty good.

I have Echofon Pro. It's nice, love Push Notifications and themes are nice as well, Its everything I need in a Twitter client. Have to adjust to the name change though.

Using echofon pro now. Push is awesome. Pretty much the only thing that's different but it's great!

From what I've read, qStatus is the same as qTweeter. I like qStatus, I find it to be quicker than TweetMyFace and some of the others out there that update your Twitter and Facebook status.

I am going to make a switch to qStatus, as Tweetie is weak and atebits never freaking updates or adds anything new to it.

I've been using both apps in a previous form already. qTweeter and Twitterfon Pro. qTweeter is a fantastic and quick app that let's you get the job done speedily. qStatus has the same features except the ability to 'drag it down' from the status bar when needed. Twitterfon Pro is the best twitter iphone app. Period. It's quick, loads of features, clean and good looking interface, and easy to use. I've tried over 20 Twitter apps and this tops them all especially Tweetie. Worth the money over the free version definately

I own probably more than 20 Twitter clients for the iPhone and the one I like best is SimplyTweet. I think it has more features than Twitterfon Pro or any other.

Been using twitterfon since the day it came out. I tried alot of others but still like it the best.

I have echofon pro but there is NO push notifications. I don't see where the option is and when I try to turn it on in notifications in settings there is no option for echofon.