Quick WebApp: Google Wave Goes Full Screen for iPhone


Looks like Google Wave, the big G's cloud-based take on next-generation communication and collaboration, already works on the iPhone. No big surprise, though, it's browser powered and the iPhone still has the slickest browser in mobile. Google even showed it off on an iPhone during its debut at IO 2009. TechCrunch, however, found this interesting little bit of behavior:

Just like with any Web page on the iPhone, you can save a bookmark on your Home screen, and it creates a little icon which launches mobile Safari to that page. When you save the Wave bookmark to your Home screen, however, something different happens. You go to Wave, but without the Safari wrapper which allows you to navigate to another page or search the Web. Instead, it looks more like a regular app and there is no way to navigate away from it. Everything else works the same as in the mobile browser version.

This feature, as TechCrunch states, has been available to iPhone developers for a while, and helps blur the line between highly localized WebApps, and highly cloud-dependant widgets. If you're using Google Wave on your iPhone, let us know how it works for you. (And if you work for Google, send us an invite so we can try it.)

Rene Ritchie

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Elric says:

It's been like that since at least July when I joined, this is REALLY old news... What address do you want your invite sent to?

Yt says:

Eric, can u send me an invite to asxjackal@gmail.com

Atomic Popcorn says:

Send me one to matthew @ atomicpopcorn dot net if you have extras!!

v1dz says:

Yup, just tried it and it works all fine :)

Swiftman says:

I got my Wave invite about a week ago. One of the first things I did was to try it on my iPod Touch. I made a link to it on my springboard and noticed the same thing described. It is nice to see it in full screen, but it is a pain to have to close that if I want to go to another site instead of just opening a new tab.

Martin says:

If you got one to spare, please send one to martin.lyberg@gmail.com
Thank you.

Don says:

I would love an invite - out of work and need the time waster....just kidding contract731@comcast.net

Mark says:

Can I join in with the begging...mark@devnull.co.uk
I'll paypal a beer to anyone who gives me one.

Adam says:

If you got an extra wave invite, send it to sass.adam@gmail.com

Neil says:

I don't have nearly enough 3rd party, cloud based, social networking web apps on my home screen- if I could gravy train on the invite list that would be great:

Da-J says:

This feature was indeed available for quite some time to developers, it is also used in the iPhone web interface of transmission!
If I could get an invite I would be really pleased!!!

Karl says:

For a Wave invite I'll trade a GVoice invite + a Google service to be named later. - kjforrest[at]gmail[dot]com

Jarrett Smith says:

If there are any Wave invites left, please send to Jarrett.Smith@gmail.com. Thanks.

TheSchwartz42 says:

I am still searching for a Wave invite...if anyone would be so generous! http://scr.im/theschwartz

Mark says:

Can someone invite me please?
mark.soliman at gmail dot com

Johann Smit says:

If there are any Wave invites left, please send to smitjoh(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks in advance

Renkman says:

Anyone else have an extra invite--please invite me Renkman@gmail.com

Jesikae2009 says:

Yes please if anyone has an invite I would love one - ebonyqueen55@yahoo.com - thank you

Jeff says:

I'll also trade a voice invite for a Wave invite. Email me at jeffthefinn at gmail dot com.

Rori says:

Please anyone, I would love an invite! 3ph7zc(AT)gmail.com thank you.

Simper says:

If any invites left. Pleeease send me one at: simo at seepramedia dot fi - THANKS.

matthew23 says:

If anyone has an extra invite, mtamedeo at gmail.com ... it would be much appreciated!

Paul says:

The same thing happens with a homescreen icon for the appleinsider website

Drunk says:

I will chop off my arm in return for a google wave invite: drunkendragon36@gmail.com

Mario says:

I would chop off Drunk's remaining arm and one of my nuts for one also.msprod@me.com

Marko says:

pls send me an invitation, thx
markoaust [at] gmail [dot] com

Rendy says:

Please invite me.... rendy.tendean@gmail.com have been looking and asking for invites, but no result yet. Please send me an invite. Thank you.

Bella says:

I have a Google Wave account but when I browse it from my iPhone it tells me it's not compatible with my browser. Is there a specific URL to use to get the iPhone version?

Mattshall says:

For people looking for invites and those sending them out... You can send them but there is no time frame on when they will actually be sent to the recipiant.

Tony says:

I'll take an invite if someone feels
like it

iSkythe says:

Uh...this already existed with Google Books or whatever it's called.

Lochlan says:

When I try to sign into my Google Wave sandbox on my iPhone, I get a browser not supported message.

christopherbw says:

You just have to click the move forward at your own risk button that's below it for the iPhone.

Shawn says:

I would be very grateful for a Google Wave invite.

spidermanroach says:

I would love a wave invite if possible. spidermanroach@gmail.com

McNessie says:

Please, please, please can I have an invite?

iBlackdude says:


Maverick says:

Google Wave invite would be awesome!
Send to: maximusofthenorth@gmail.com

Jules says:

I would love an invite for Google Wave.

Jonah says:

Im a little late on the invite train but ill still try to catch it... Jdchris81@yahoo.com

John MacAdam says:

If you add Google Books to your home screen it does the same thing.

D. Wolf says:

Hi...could some kind stranger please send me a Google Wave invite? wave@ipmls.com thx!

Geekester says:

I just got 20 invites to Google Wave and I am selling them for very cheap ($5 via paypal); invite after payment confirmation; contact on geek.to.core at gmail; check the screenshot for authenticity of invites:http://lookpic.com/i/706/qK1HCXMY.png

Matta says:

I would love an invite, can someone send me one?

Mike says:

I like to receive an invite to Google Wave as well. Can someone send one to me too? Thanks in advance!