Quick WebApp: Wolfram|Alpha for iPhone

wolfram alpha for iphone

TUAW brings word that Wolfram|Alpha, the revolutionary computational engine from the creator of Mathmatica, now has an iPhone (and iPod touch) optimized version available via http://www.wolframalpha.com/iphone.

Confession: aside from typing in "are you Skynet" and "do my taxes" I'm not quite sure how to use this new beastie, but if you're smart enough to query up an answer to "what's the second coolest smartphone, BlackBerry or Palm Pre?", let us know your results!

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Rene Ritchie

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Quick WebApp: Wolfram|Alpha for iPhone


When I added this web clip to my home screen and I open the web clip, it doesn't open in safari, it opens in its own app. Can anyone explain this to me?

Everything after the 1st page is formatted identically to the desktop meaning muli-column tables with very small print. The 1st page is just window dressing.