QuickApp 3.0: Gokivo + Yahoo! Local Search for iPhone Shows off Turn-by-Turn Navigation, In-App Purchases


TiPb had the opportunity to test drive Gokivo Navigator ($0.99 + In-App Purchases - iTunes link) over the last couple of days. This is one of the first iPhone 3.0 specific apps in the App Store, so first off it was great to see turn-by-turn navigation working (even in Canada!), and second it was interesting to see how Apple handles in-app purchases.

Getting this going is a little bit of work. You start the app and type in a destination. I found Apple Canada in my contacts so hit that. Similar to the built in Maps app, Gokivo will show you your location on a map. Instead of Street View, however, you have a green GO button. Hit that and you're on your way to turn-by-turn.

If you don't already have a subscription, Gokivo activates the aforementioned in-app-purchase engine, and once you login with your iTunes ID and buy a month of service ($9.99 in the version we tested) the GO gets going.

It takes time to acquire a good GPS signal, and will advise you if there isn't one to be had. Once it locks on, however, you're in for a pretty smooth turn-by-turn experience. Arrows point your way and a synthesized female voice tells you when and where to turn and, and preps you for upcoming turns. We repeatedly went the wrong way, and were impressed with how quickly and accurately Gokivo recalculated and tried to get us back on track.

Note, Gokivo isn't free just for the app because Apple doesn't let developers do in-app purchases for free apps. Hence, $0.99 will likely be the foundation for what TiPb considers iPhone "scaleware". Whether the $9.99 monthly fee -- or other in-app-purchasing options -- suit your needs and budget you'll have to tell us.

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QuickApp 3.0: Gokivo + Yahoo! Local Search for iPhone Shows off Turn-by-Turn Navigation, In-App Purchases


I have never see or touch an iphone. I'm too poor to have an iphone. Please teach me how to have an iphone. Thank

Boo! TomTom will probably offer one time price for map download and the hardware accessory and I am sure it will be much better than this crappy app.

Do you have to download maps that work with this? It was my understanding that all apps giving TBT directions would need to bring thier own maps.
9.99 a month? Ripoff.

Not sure how someone could have the 'understanding that all apps giving TBT directions would need to bring thier own maps'
Devices offering the Navigator service on any carrier require an internet connection to download maps as you go. Software products like TomTom come with their own maps and only require an internet connection for traffic updates, etc...

I might pay a couple of dollars for a three or five day pass when I'm out of town, but no way would I pay $10 a month for something I wouldn't use every day. And unless you travel a lot, most people end up driving places they already know.

I can't wait until Apple gets more apps through that support push notifications! So far, none of my apps have push notifications enabled

this has been available for a while now, I have this app and love it, only 2 complaints are that this one has no landscape mode and no voice cues. other than that i have had turn by turn for 2 months or so.

to clarify by this app i meant G-Maps by X-Roads which is the link i provided, NOT the app mentioned in this article.

This just is a Tomtom primer to ready s for the cost of that app. Look for tomtom to be like $29-49 AND $10 a month. :( Oh well.

I'd still buy the TomTom app for $50 from the app store, but I agree that $10 a month is hard to agree to. I'll probably do it anyway instead of dropping $300 on a TomTom or Garmin GPS unit. The convenience of having TBT on your phone and only needing one device is nice.

In reply to Benji, "bring their own maps" mean they have to use something other than the google maps api as that isn't licensed for TBT directions. They can be downloaded and stored on the phone or on the go. The key is they come from within the app and therefore the app developer has to sort out licensing.

GPS is my most missed feature from the awful Samsung Rant that I had on Sprint before getting an iPhone. The Sprint/Telenav navigation is excellent and was included in the monthly plan.

Is this is a monthly subscription or a 30 day pass? Both models have their advantages. IMHO, they should offer both to customers and let the market decide. It's likely that people who are traveling are willing to buy the app for 99 cents and $10 for a 1 month pass. Others may want a subscription, but at a lower monthly cost.

I would not pay monthly for any GPS service on my iPhone. If that is the only way, then I'd rather just use the standalone TomTom GPS that I have.

What happens when the iphone goes to sleep? Or will it really drain the battery (Maybe that doesn't matter 'cause you can have it plugged into the car while you are getting your turn by turn?) Would love to hear more about how it actually works.

I dont know why anyone would buy this when you can buy the alternative Xrode G-maps US for $25 one time fee. The current version 1.3 is amazing

Stupid me, I downloaded this crap and THEN realized there was a $10 per month fee! Now I feel like an ass!

I just tried it and it's terrible. I tried purchasing 1 minute for $0.99 just to test it out and it took me on some canned route that was nowhere near my current location. At times like these I wish I could give it zero stars in the App Store! What a ripoff. BOOOOO!

Sorry but XGPS does turn by turn directions better, and is FREE! Just get your jailbreak on and try it out. It works and it's FREE! How can you beat that? There are no maps fees, or monthly charge, hence the use of the word FREE!
I'm sure some of you are scared to jailbreak, but don't be it can't kill your iPhone.

The app does what it needs to do pretty well.
Aren't we being a bit cheap here? They offer different plans depending on how long you need it. Take for instance the Blackberry. AT&T Navigator, guess what $9.99.
If you think your getting TBT GPS for a flat fee, keep on dreaming. Tomtom as well as Garmin both charge for map updates as well on a yearly basis.
Be realistic guys, seriously.

Roger - skip the map updates, they keep working. Besides, both vendors have recently introduced lifetime map updates for a one time charge...

Sorry for the large examination, but I'm truly the new Zune, and hope this, as easily as the excellent reviews both opposite people mortal typewritten, module cater you if it's the proper pick for you.