Quick App: DOOM Resurrection for iPhone


DOOOOOOOOOM! [$9.99 - iTunes link] That's right, the mother of all Martian first person shooters (FPS) is in the App Store now:

-Advanced graphics engine designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the power found in Apple’s mobile devices -Wield an arsenal of heavy-hitting weapons to defeat a variety of hideous monsters and bosses -Innovative controls for fast-paced and accessible first-person action -An all-new chapter of the DOOM saga that new players and long-time DOOM fans can enjoy

How does a golden oldie translate to the newest, greatest mobile platform? If you try it out, and live to tell the tale, let us know what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Quick App: DOOM Resurrection for iPhone


hmmmmm.... I don't really like Rail shooters very much... it seems like the graphics are really good for the iphone so i give it points for that... but it would be Nice if we could move around Freely like a normal FPS..... =/

I'll reserve judgement until i play this, but im somewhat worried as it appears to be based on the epic flop that was doom 3.
ID need to get DOOM/DOOM II ported like they did with Wolfenstein in addition to this

It is on rails but it is still very good. It makes very good use of the iPhone's hardware.
It would be cool to see some bluetooth game pads or something like that but I guess the sort of defeats the point.
@Ben Gillam: iD is also working on "Doom Classic" which will be a true Doom port.

Jason: Rails = Rail-gun. One of the weapons in Doom.
I don't know if the mention of that implies it is the only weapon in the game or not. It would suck if it was.

I believe rails = no free roaming of the character. It's like a Disney ride where you go where it takes you and shoot along the way.

Rail, at least in this case refers to player movement restricted to a linear path, like a railroad track.
$10.00 is too rich for my blood.

Oh, gotcha. Well that's no fun! Half the time that I played Grand Theft Auto wasn't to do the missions, but just to wander and cause chaos long enough to see if I could accumulate a personal supply of SWAT trucks.
Thanks guys

A GTA like world might be asking a little too much, but to have the same freedom that you had in the original DOOM isn't. By today's standards the original DOOM world is pretty restrictive.

yes, rails - it does not suck as bad as I initially expected.
graphics are pretty nice,
but the dodge control in the lower left corner does not work well
if you need to tilt and shake all the time.
It is just a first try, not much better than Resident Evil or others.
Oh, and the overall setting with the stupid little flying robot
really sux, too!
Makes for a weird bastard of FPS and Disney family SF.

Just played Doom Ressurection and i have to say it is quite impressive. Yes it IS an on rails game but the controls are nearly perfect. Using the accelerometer was the best idea that Carmack and company have come up with since the introduction of the original Doom game for PC.
The graphics are impressive although I hope to see what it plays like on the 3GS when I get it next week but for now it plays smoothly on the original 3G.
All in all i give it a 4 out of 5

I'm with Kyle, I give it a 4/5 or better. The idea of it being on rails made me go "Uh oh...", but I should've had faith in The Carmack, Who Dwelleth in Mesquite and who blesses us with his programming. I even like the silly litle robot. Beautiful game, silky smooth and fun!

The rails don't bother me. I'll gladly shell out ten bucks for original, well-designed high-budget titles. Games like this and other "big" productions Real Racing or Star Defense must succeed if the iPhone is to be a viable mobile gaming platform.

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