QuickApp: PhoneView Updated with iPhone 3.0 Support

PhoneView 2.2

PhoneView by Ecamm [$19.95 - Web link] is a Mac app that lets you get to iTunes media, photos, notes, contacts, SMS and call history data stored on your iPhone (or iPod touch), and also send files and folders back for storage on your device. What's in the latest update?

Along with iPhone OS 3.0 compatibility, version 2.2 also adds faster note editing and fast access to the iPhone's open browser windows, bookmarks and browser history.

Since Apple doesn't provide any way to get some of that data off the iPhone, Mac users who want to keep call logs, SMS histories, etc. documented for posterity might find this of particular interest.

If you try it out, let us know how it works for you!

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QuickApp: PhoneView Updated with iPhone 3.0 Support