QuickApp: Smule's Leaf Trombone for iPhone

You're Smule and you've already released the innovative and acclaimed Ocarina app for the iPhone. What do you do for an encore? Why a Leaf Trombone, of course, a "massively multi-player musical game for the iPhone and iPod touch", now available for $0.99 via the iTunes App Store.

Playing Leaf Trombone is easy: blow into your iPhone's microphone (or, in Touch mode, simply touch the screen) and press down on the leaf to play a note. Slide your finger towards you - you'll hear the pitch get higher, just like a real trombone Choose your favorite song from Leaf Trombone's library of songs, right from your iPhone or iPod touch!

If you're trying it out, let us know in the comments. Maybe we can get a TiPb reader band together!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

QuickApp: Smule's Leaf Trombone for iPhone


One has to question the wisdom of this app as well as Ocarina when one of the "Submersion detectors" is located in the docking port adjacent to the microphone.
Blowing warm moist air in there over and extended period is very likely to trip that sensor.

I love the Ocarina app, and I'll buy this one shortly, but I agree with icebike that moisture is a concern. The best protection I can think of is to not use these apps too often. Anyone else have any ideas?

3 suggestions:
1. use Touch mode
2. use an external Mic
3. blow across the mic not into it
Love Ocarina, will get this as well.