QuickApp: Sonos Controller for iPhone

It must be music day here at TiPb. Sonos, which we reviewed late last year, just let us know that they've updated their Sonos Controller App for the iPhone, adding a few nifty features which, when combined with iTunes music now being completely DRM-free, adds a whole heap of functionality to an already automagic system:

  • Wake to music with Sonos – Create unique playlists and set wake-up alarms with your iPhone for every room with a Sonos
  • Fall asleep to music with Sonos — Set timers for any room to turn off the music automatically
  • Totally computer-free setup – Search for and set up network music folders without touching a computer

It's a free update, so if you're rocking a Sonos system, be sure to head on over to the iTunes App Store and pick it up.

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QuickApp: Sonos Controller for iPhone