Quinton "Rampage" Jackson shows #CESlive his new durable, chained iPhone case

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion, has endorsed his own iPhone case from Trident. Just like Rampage himself, it's pretty strong. What's more, a clip-on chain lets you attach it to your belt loop so your phone won't hit the ground if it falls out of your pocket or your hand.

A removable kickstand lets you prop up your phone on a flat surface if you're watching video or FaceTiming with someone. No guarantee that it'll make you a mixed martial arts champion, however.

Something makes me think that Georgia is a fan, but judge for yourself. Fire up this video and watch for more details.

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Peter Cohen

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Peter000 says:

When is this case available?

Ides of Buster says:

Meow. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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emjayess says:


"I feel naked without my phone..." Uh-huh.

tool022611 says:

The idea is cool and I bet a lot of people will love it. However, for me, having a huge chain hanging from my pants and the bulk/weight it will add is a no go for me.

Becjr says:


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nit wit says:

Perfect for the gangster rapper. Otherwise, oh please.

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RWD HERO says:

Rampage was about to carry her back to his room

Metro1088 says:

Georgia is always so funny and sweet when interviewing. She basically does all the promoting of the products. Really fun to watch.

The case looks nice. The chain is a really good idea, the case seems durable and the little stand is a nice touch. I'm surprised to see a celebrity promote a nice product that actually seems usable. Remember will.i.am's stuff?

asuperstarr says:


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zdn1042 says:

And here I thought only a Nokia 3310 is the only phone that can be used as a weapon.
So cute to see "Georgia, the fan".
Plus, I think it's safe to say nobody is gonna try and steal Rampage's phone.