Radio Shack to offer iPhone 5c buyers $50 off

Radio Shack to offer iPhone 5c buyers $50 off

We've received word from Radio Shack that starting Saturday, October 5th, customers who buy an iPhone 5c will receive a $50 gift card that they can use to either cut the price of an iPhone 5c on contract in half or redeem some time later. The deal is in store only, so if you're planning to buy a 5c, you might want to plan a trip to Radio Shack.

It's similar to a program recently by Best Buy. Radio Shack also offers a "Trade & Save" program that lets you trade in older iPhone models and apply the value to a new purchase. Bringing in an iPhone 4 will net you $100, for example, while an iPhone 4S will get you $150. An iPhone 5 will get you $250.

Does this make you want to pick up an iPhone 5c from Radio Shack?

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c
Apple's first popular iPhone with a 4-inch in-cell display, LTE 4G, and BT 4.0 LE. Fun features include:

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September, 2013

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Reader comments

Radio Shack to offer iPhone 5c buyers $50 off


Is it just me or does it seem odd to see a "new" phone (albeit it's really just an iPhone 5 in a new shell) discounted so early. I'm scratching my head after seeing this from Best Buy & now Radio Shack.

I wouldn't be surprised to see these discounts in say August of next year, but I don't expect them now.

Yeah same here, If it was any other phone they would be calling it a total flop but because its the iPhone its seen as a good thing. I just don't get it

A number of online sites are reporting a variety of stores offering similar discounts already, and some of them are offers for extended periods of time. Can't help but wonder about the true success here myself.

In calling around to find a source for a new 5S in my area, nobody has any in stock, but they are ALL quick to try pushing me into the 5C, which they all seem to have plenty of. When I reply I have zero interest in paying for repackaged year old product, it's real quiet on the other end of the line. Makes me think they must be hearing this frequently, if not lots.

Yeah that's it, most likely the rep bit his tongue to hear another edgy/hipster comment and being unable to tell you to F off

yeah it is weird. That said i've seen reports of polls before launch saying a huge percentage of purchasers were not interested in the 4c. I also saw a report about sales overseas that indicated that what was selling the best by far was the 4s. And I remember one of the podcast where someone indicated that there were few gold 4s but what struck me was that they seem to infer that the store they were at had more than enough 4cs to match the demand in line.

As for me, it's a 5 with an ugly case. I mean i'd never buy a pastel phone. period. So as launched it's not even in the running. And i remember being truly excited when ipods launched in black, like "finally I can buy an ipod." Still have that one by the way. So to not offer it in black seems misguided considering black was the most sought after color of the 4s and 5. To that end hell i thought it was stupid to get rid of black on the 5s but whatever. Regardless, I don't know what to make of the sales. I'm not sure if it's just promotion or result of lack of demand. But i wouldn't entirely be surprised if it did turn out to be a demand issue.