Razer reportedly working on iPhone game controller

Razer reportedly working on iPhone game controller

Performance PC game peripheral maker Razer is working on an iPhone game controller, according to Evan Nelson Blass, a technology writer who posts to Twitter under the moniker @evleaks. Blass posted what appears to be a rendering of a device with a Razer logo on it on his Twitter account.

The rendering shows an iPhone 5-style device held in to a controller with a hinged height-adjustable display, so you can pivot your iPhone screen at an angle as it rests in the controller. There's a thumb d-pad on the left, power button, four-cluster action buttons on the right and a pause button. A rear rendering shows a cutout for the iPhone's camera lens and flash.

Razer, for its part, has announced no plans for an iOS game controller. When asked, a Razer spokesman told iMore, "We work on a variety of different concepts and designs all the time. We do not comment on any future products that may or may not be in development."

Apple announced Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (MFi) controller support for iOS 7 when it was introduced at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this past June. Controllers optimized for iOS 7 have been slow to trickle out since then, but there are a few, like the $99.99 MOGA ACE Power. It uses a more elaborate layout than what's pictured in the Razer rendering; dual thumbsticks, D-pad, shoulder buttons, triggers and four action buttons. Logitech, meanwhile, plans to release their own $99.99 PowerShell Controller on December 15th.

Source: @evleaks

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applelex says:

That's awesome. I believe that current gen consoles like ps4 and xbox one will be the last gen because by the time the next gen comes out tablets and phone will be powerful enough to run full games on them and there will be no need for consoles when you have portable ones. Signs like this controller point towards a future like that.

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zdn1042 says:

If Razer is really making an iOS controller, please don't let this render be their actual product. Bland design, no thumbstick. Very disappointing.

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ZeroLeonheart says:

Yeah, it's pretty sad. No thumbsticks in 2013/14 = back to the drawing board.

Becjr says:

Someone should make a controller that takes its direction from the old N64 controllers. Everyone likes these slab-style controllers.

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Solublepeter says:

So were still waiting for a decent design with thumb sticks, then?

Peter Cohen says:

Have you looked at the MOGA product? Thumbsticks up the wazoo.

Solublepeter says:

The build quality on that one was criticised in several reviews, especially given the high cost compared to, for example, an Xbox or PS3 controller (though admittedly I haven't tried one myself.)

asuperstarr says:

This is probably one of the best controllers for the iPhones I've seen. Can't wait, this would be great!

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