R.B.I. Baseball hits a home run on iOS

RBI Baseball

Nintendo classic R.B.I. Baseball has been re-imagined for mobile and is now available on iOS. A fast-paced arcade feel, straightforward pricing with no in-app purchases, and plenty of current players to pick from make this one a solid contender for top of the sports games category.

There are 30 MLB teams encompassing 480 players, each with attributes based on real-world stats. Games can be cranked out in under 20 minutes in either single exhibition games, full seasons, or off-season play. Controls follow a simple two-button controls. Over time, you can unlock jerseys by finishing team challenges.

There aren’t a ton of great baseball games out on iOS (Baseball Superstars and Big Win Baseball are the only ones that come to mind), so this is a really welcome addition. Baseball fans and old-school gamers alike are bound to enjoy this one. Who’s stepping up to the plate?

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R.B.I. Baseball hits a home run on iOS


Thank you for the write up Simon. I am not a big gamer at all buy you convinced me in the write up and downloaded it and have been playing it for about an hour. It is as good so far as advertised. Thank you for the heads up on it. So far I have not regretted it.