Rdio adds social listening and full screen album art

Rdio for iPad

Following up on a user interface update last month, the most excellent Rdio subscription music app has been updated with a few new features. For one, social listening has been included, so you can see what your friends are listening to on Rdio, just like the web application. Also, you can switch to a full screen mode when streaming tunes, so you can soak in the album art - perfect for when your iPhone or iPad is docked.

I'm a huge fan of Rdio, and if I wasn't already enamoured with Songza, it would be where I get my daily dose of music from if I wasn't such a cheapskate.

Source: Rdio

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Reader comments

Rdio adds social listening and full screen album art


Quite funny, since I made random email addresses in iCloud and used the 7 day trial over and over. More of a Spotify, Pandora, and WahWah fan now.

The interface is beautiful on iPhone but I don't understand why the iPad version is stuck on the version 2.0 UI. Still, it's great to see a clean mainstream minimalist UI on the iPhone.

Have to say, my first streaming radio app was Pandora, and haven't had the urge to try anything else.
Maybe I should get out of my oxygen more often :)

Personally haven't tried it. I think I am to accustomed to Pandora and Spotify to venture out onto another music sub service. However this review got me thinking, I may try it out.

Lovely app. But it's quite pricey.
Would always love the big, HQ album art, but it comes with price.
That's world. =(

I like songza because the ui is entertaining and not stale like pandora ect! so thumbs up for people that is willing to try out this app! Its very expensive but hey take it for a spin!

Even with this latest update I find the app buggy. For eg, pausing a song and then playing again results in the song "hanging", at which point you need to skip to the previous or next track. Seems like a pretty basic functionality to me...

Not sure about the "social listening" part of things, as its just another way to avoid talking with friends, but the app is well put together! I still prefer Slacker, myself.

Sounds cool- I may try it out, but right now I'm loving Spotify. The ability to save tracks to listen later and add to playlists is awesome. Deleted Pandora a day after downloading Spotify

I always feel guilty when reading about Rdio as I used it quite happily up until Spotify added the Radio function, which convinced me to jump ship. I want Rdio to hang around, as I fear both Spotify and a future Apple streaming service will dominate the market. Always good to have a third option to keep the big guns nervous and innovative.