Readdle releases new, free Calendars app, renames premium app Calendars+

Readdle releases new, free Calendars app, renames premium app Calendars+

Readdle has updated their popular Calendars app for iPhone and iPad, and renamed it Calendars+. That's because they're also introducing an all new, all free version under the original Calendars name.

The free version of Calendars has the same slick interface, Google sync, and other features. Calendar+ has even more features, including recurring events, task management, invitations, and multiple reminders.

I'm not a huge fan of the free app model. I'd rather pay for great apps so developers can afford to make more apps, but Denys Zhadanov of Readdle tells me they're hoping users of the free Calendars app graduate to the for-pay Calendars+.

  • Free - Calendars - Download now

  • $6.99 - Calendars+ - [Download now]( -by-readdle/id371434886?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)

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Reader comments

Readdle releases new, free Calendars app, renames premium app Calendars+


I see you mention Google Sync, is it "true push" sync, and does it work well with invitations and the like or is it similar to setting up the native Calendar app with CalDav and that app fetching every 15?

I have to say that the Native calendar app works good for me although I do use Fantastical which I puchased to try out sine Rene reviewed it and so many others use it. I like it as well but find myself going back to the Native calendar.

Same here, Jan. I use two calendar apps -- The default and Fantastical, and like you, I seem to always revert back to the default calendar even though I love the ease of use of Fantastical. I do not have a need for any others at this time.

Do not like it. Like normal, I'll download the app illegally for two days and if I like it, I'll buy it just like I did with Fantastical (amazing app). This application's interface is horrid; lacks the finesse of Fantastical and I had trouble syncing my iCloud. When syncing you have two options, Local and/or Google. Everything I have is on iCloud so this is kinda bad for me because I share my work calendar with my boss so he can make changes to my schedule quite easily.

When they fix this, I'll definitely give the free version a try, possible the pro as well until my Tempo reservation is filled.

I use the native app and it works fine for me. Never really cared for another app (of all the apps I've tried besides the native). Oh well, lets try out this one too!

Haven't found yet a calendar app that displays several weeks and the detailed schedule for each day simultaneously to get a quick overview. Actually, i would like to have desktop view of apple's calendar on my phone, but all the apps I've tried either lack info or just look plain ugly.

As for this one, well sorry to disagree but for such a basic app as a calendar, which already duplicates what the native app does more or less, I'm not ready to pay a single cent. I mean, it's the same thing with a different look at best, at worse it lacks features or adds gimmicky ones.

The only apps I paid for were Downcast, Camera+ and Infinity Blade. I find it really hard to find apps that justify their prices.

No thanks. Any app that 1) needs a reservation system or 2) requires a social network login to mine my information gets a pass in my book.

This is an absolutely wonderful article. Apple's stock calendar application is great and all. But I felt as though it was always lacking something. After reading this article, with the reviews, the ups and downs; I finally have a new calendar app that is worthy of my appointments! Thanks iMore!

The thing about replacement apps for a native Apple apps like calendar is that the Apple apps always have something extra that developers cant have. Like the Apple calendar app has changing icon so it shows current date. And others cant have that. So although I also use Fantastical, I miss small details native app has.

This free colander app seems pretty nice, however since being introduced to Fantastical on iMore, I find all over calendar apps pale in comparison. I love fantastical!

Slick. I've tried a number of iOS calendar apps, including Fantastical, and not really been impressed. May have to give Readdle a shot.

What I usually look for in a app are three things: ease of use, benefits i'll from it and design. This app is a bit overcrowded to me. I would rather use Fantastical than this.

Any other recommendations that support Exchange Server and Gmail and support different color coding of events within one calendar? Oh and works on both iPad and iPhone ...

This app is clean and simple and has a nice way of choosing time for events. I personally use week cal, but sometimes google calendar syncing with caldav or google exchange is buggy and events go missing. The readdle app can sync directly with google so it's all there then I know nothing's missing.