Reader Requests: What Do You Want Added to iPhone?


I have setup a petition page to record every feature request made by my readers. This is your chance to speak out and be heard. What features do you want added to iPhone? Visit this link, and post your request in the comments section. I will then add your request to the list. I expect this page to grow long over time, so I placed a permalink in the left sidebar so you'll always know right where it's at.

Click here, and post.

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Reader comments

Reader Requests: What Do You Want Added to iPhone?


1. Flash
2. Full Bluetooth: works with Salling clicker, address book for automatic dialing, calendar for automatically logging calls, Voice Dialing
3. Junk Mail filtering like full Mail program
4. Ability to play streamed Playlists through, webpages, etc., not just individual files in QuickTime
5. If possible, something other than airplane mode to reduce GMS radio interference, so that phone calls can be made when near speakers, land phones, etc. with out horrible interference
6. Video, as well as still capablity, through the built-in camera
7. Louder volume for everything through built-in speaker
8. Internet radio app
9. iChat app
10. Cut, Copy, paste
11. Ability to hide or show individual or selected calendars in the calendar, in addition to showing all.
12. Video out (may come with next update)
With the exception of less GSM interference, these all seem to be doable in software, and would make the iPhone the dream phone for me.

All of what Allan Peach said (thanks for a great list!), plus true GPS, VoIP, 3G, Money Manager (i.e., Quicken), dictionary/thesaurus, horizontal keyboard in apps other than Safari, PowerPoint support (or equivalent), password vault (keychain)...

A decent to-do application, eReader, and a Bible program. By adding these things, I could retire my aging Palm T|5.

Adobe PhotoShop + a horizontal keyboard + ability to send multimedia messages (not everyone has the ability to do email on there cell phone) + a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for the iPhone (my fat fingers get tierd of pecking long emails) + ability to save images while web browsing (yeah you can do screencaptures and then crop down the image in photoshop but I'm a spoild PC guy and I miss my easy right click save as when coming accross hot photos of Steve Job's Girl Friend online and would love to do that on my iPhone + Everything else already mentioned by those before me.
Oh yeah Steve I was just joking, I love my iPhone for the most part and Thanks for the $100 credit I bought an iHome docking strero woth my credit and love it.
And finally ThankYou to everone here at for making this one of my favorite sites I'm on daily ;0) You Rock! Great humorious photos and even beter writing Kudos to you all and goodnight.

I want louder volume because when i hangout with friends, its kinda hard to hear unless people are quiet.
but i still love my iPhone

I would like to see proper bluetooth support for things like stereo headphones and external GPS receivers. Also double-click functionality for the HOME button that in adition to music controls (like on the touch) would provide a speed dialing menu. I would very much like to see the Notes application be able to sync with something on my mac/pc along with the notion of categories for the other PIM apps, ie work, personal, etc. A todo list would also be very handy. Also a battery guage that was more fine-grained and provided better indication as to %age or estimated time left, perhaps tapping the battery icon could toggle a %age or time value?
I have been very careful to enumerate items that I believe can all be delivered with software updates alone. The last one, which can also be delivered in software is simulated GPS functionality using ping times from local towers, much like the Navizon software provides, this way the google map application will know your approximate position.
Functionality I would like to have but I don't expect anytime soon would be 1. ability to tether to a laptop (this would be a bigger wish if the phone supported 3g) and of course a slingplayer client, which brings us back to 3rd party apps such as voice dialer, additional widgets, customizable home screen etc.
As for hardware things I want... 3G is pretty much the biggest thing.