Readly brings its on-demand digital magazines to the UK

We're used to subscription services for music and video, but magazines? Readly offers just that and has just launched in the UK. For a monthly fee of £9.99, Readly will give you on-demand access to hundreds of different magazines every month on iOS, Android and Windows 8.

For UK readers, Readly has signed up Haymarket, IPC, DC Thomson, Time Out and more to provide access to local publications. UK subscribers will also gain access to magazines from the likes of the U.S. and Sweden where Readly is already established.

Sign up for an account – with a free trial – over at Readly's website, and snag the iOS app from the App Store link below. It's an interesting idea, and definitely one I'll at least be trying out for that first month. How about you?

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Reader comments

Readly brings its on-demand digital magazines to the UK


Like the idea of this, but how come the cost is 9.99 dollars (6.00 pounds) a month in the US and 9.99 pounds (a whopping 16.61 dollars) a month in the UK? Nearly double the cost in the UK for the same, if not very similar content, same delivery mechanism...

Well there's VAT in there to account for, but there's no reason they have to charge the same in all markets. There's no direct correlation between cost and sale price.

20% VAT on 6 pounds is only an additional 1 pound 20 pence, which still makes it 3 pounds a month (roughly 5 dollars) more expensive in the UK than the US. There's sales taxes across the US, although different State by State, so VAT really should come into it, certainly not as much as they're charging. It doesn't, for example, when it comes to buying apps on the App store - 99 cents in the US, 69 pence in the UK - comparable pricing even allowing for VAT. There's obviously no correlation between cost and sale price because they're charging virtually double in the UK for the same service.