Reagan Presidential Library and Museum add iPod touch to tour

The Reagan Presidential Library and Museum has just undergone a $15 million dollar overhaul which includes the addition of an iPod touch for each person on a tour to utilize for audio of the tour as well as pictures and video while checking out the sights.

People who decide to take the tour starting today will be checked out their very own iPod touch and that will guide you through all the interesting things they have on display in the library and museum. The iPod will be the voice to explain what you are looking at as well as give background on items. Also users will be able to take photos and even video if they choose while they enjoy their tour. You are probably thinking what's the point of taking photos and video on a device that isn't your own to keep? Well they have an answer for that as well. Once you turn in your temporary iPod touch they will upload all your photos and video to a website and e-mail you to notify you that your media is ready to be viewed/downloaded or even shared to Facebook.

This seems like a pretty cool idea and definately would make the tour a little more interesting for the younger generations. If you take this tour let us know your thoughts on it and if not let us know if you would like this feature included in a tour that you enjoy taking.

[ Washington Post ]

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Reader comments

Reagan Presidential Library and Museum add iPod touch to tour


"This seems like a pretty cool idea and definately (sp) would make the tour a little more interesting for the younger generations"

The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia has been doing this for a few years now - everyone loves it - even the older generations!

If they're using the 8GB models and getting Government organization or non-profit organization pricing on them like many companies do with their products, it's probably not that much.

John, you're clever, yet incorrect criticism, reminds me my former coworker, Frank Grimes. Care to come take his place beside me in Sector 7-G? I'd love to see another idiot electrocute himself.

I was fortunate enough to tour the library with the iPod touch on Saturday before the Centennial Concert. There is a $50 per iPod pre-authorization on a credit card required to make sure you don't take it home with you. The audio tour works great and allows you to easily navigate through the different exhibits. The photos often tend to be a little grainy due to the museum lighting and no flash, but still very cool and fun. You get a choice of ear buds or over-the-ear headphones. I chose the buds which were mine to keep at the end, otherwise they are thrown out. Not sure, but I assume they switch out the covers on the over-the-ear headphones. I received an email within minutes of turning in the iPod with a link to log in and download my pictures and videos. Oh, and the library/museum is incredible. Even if you have been there before, the renovations have added so much it's almost like going for the first time. Be prepared to spend the day. You could easily spend 5 or more hours experiencing all the exhibits, including Air Force One.

Thanks Jeff for your input. I'm looking forward to touring at some point in the future.

Most Presidents (modern day ones anyway) usually have a library and museum opened after they are out of office. Usually a collection of exhibits and items from their presidency. The subject of this article is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum located in Simi Valley, California.

They already have it at the British Museum in London for the special exhibits... It's pretty cool!! If you're worried about ear fungus you can always use your own headphones lol.

This is 4 or 5 miles from my house. I should go check it out some time, especially after the latest renovations.

Sounds like you'd have a better time at the Clinton Presidential Library and Massage Parlor. Now go thank Al Gore for inventing the internet.

I know you're both ignorant of history, and a lemming, but try to stay on topic here.
Funny how immoral people can be as long as a crime is committed by one of their own..

Then please explain why Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd aren't sharing a jail cell together? You libertards are so hypocritical. Doesn't using the same arguments from a 30 year old playbook get old?
"Hi, I'm Mr. Libretard.....blahh blahh blahh blahh blahh......Haliburton!!!!!"

Please... I come here for cool tech news. Not American political commentary. Shall we comment on the tech and cultural aspects please and not try to use this to push our own trite agendas? I beg of thee

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