Real Racing 3 update adds Ferraris, a new circuit and more!

EA has pushed out another impressive update to its equally impressive iOS racer, Real Racing 3, that for the first time brings cars from Ferrari into the mix. Not just any Ferraris either, but the F12 berlinetta, the FF and my own personal favorite, the 458 Italia. It's not just new cars either, the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona has been added too, along with a whole lot more. The full changelog:

  • New Cars – for the first time in Real Racing, get behind the wheel of magnificent Ferrari vehicles: the FF, the 458 Italia, and the V12-powered F12berlinetta
  • New Track – experience the sweeping turns and blistering straights of Spain’s famous Circuit de Catalunya
  • Time Trial Ghost Challenges – learn from the best, compete with Friends and start new racing rivalries
  • Meet The Crew – hire Crew Members to earn R$, Fame, and Servicing bonuses
  • AI Improvements – better collision avoidance and faster times through the first corner
  • HUD Customisation – tweak new settings to personalise your racing experience
  • Lap and Sector Times – precise performance comparison

Further AI improvements are something I've personally been gnashing my teeth for, especially in the first corner. It's the toughest corner of any race to navigate safely, but I have found that all too often you just get mowed out of the way. Meet the crew sounds intresting as well, but I'll hold judgment until I've had time to put it to use. Mainly though, I'm excited for those Ferraris, when I can use them.

The update is live in the App Store now, so go ahead and snag it at the link below. It's still my favorite racing game right now, but how's it faring for you?

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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pistolro says:

Yeah i can be the first comment, i should get a prize for that, :P. I love EA games and racing games and sports games. But every since the freemium came, it seems like that took away the fun of the game. Purchasing in app stuff to play the game more seems like a waste of time. It is me or is this game tough to beat now, even the simple races with all the players that are playing. I have plenty of time for playing this game for a long time, but it seems like if we have to wait and play lots of times just to get money to buy coins, it seems like nobody will play it that much. They should have made the coins and money more decent, and the opponents more decent, it would have been more better that way. But it seems to me like companies like EA and others seems to care more about how much money they can get from us and not how they can make the game better. Now with the upgrades, it just seems more waste to spend and buy money.

pistolro says:

Hi to all the imore staff

escapedrift says:

if you still can't time trial a track with unlimited laps, I don't care what cars they add. The entire game is just a boring grind and waste of time. There is no racing in it, the ai is from the psx era.

wdfly says:

They have made the game even harder again. I have a hand ful of races that I farmed for money that I always dominated with no problem, sice the update I rarely crack the top 10 with cars that the upgrades are maxed out on. At this point I wish they would just charge a monthly fee for it instead of the freemium garbage.

Merve Melissa Sahin says:

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