Real Soccer/Football 2009 Scores on the iPhone

Tuesday's "Let's Rock" event brought a sneak-peak of Gameloft's latest iPhone (and iPod Touch) offering, Real Soccer/Football 2009. Well, it's now available via iTunes App Store, and according to Gameloft:

This dynamic game takes advantage of the iPhone's touch screen allowing players to pull off spectacular moves with the touch of a fingertip. There are almost 200 teams available to play and real player names, tournaments and exhibition games and a soon to be introduced multiplayer feature.

Apple's pushing OS X Touch as the "funnest" mobile gaming platform yet, which is market speak for wanting it in more markets. With accessories like the gaming pad on the horizon, the already 100 million in sales is only the beginning.

Sure, the PSP (see our iPhone vs. PSP article for more!) and DS dominance won't be going anywhere any time soon, but Apple's combination of communications (with the iPhone) and media and data management present considerable differentiation and appeal all their own.

And for Apple, at this point it means gaming is all gravy.

Rene Ritchie

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frog says:

great game. Controls take a little while to get used to, but looks and plays amazing

Endrit says:

Great game:
-Great Graphics
-Great Gameplay
-Great Controlls
A must have!!!!!!

Dave says:

Great game all the way around. I hope we see some other sports games like this one.