Realmac teases Analog Camera for iPhone: Making photography fun again

Realmac Software, the creator of Clear for iOS and Mac, is currently teasing their latest creation due for release on iPhone later on this month. Analog Camera is its name, and according to the developers it will make "photography on iPhone fun again." Bold words.

Analog Camera seems to build from Realmac's Analog app for the Mac, in that it will offer a whole bunch of filters to add to your photos. They're promising that Analog Camera will be "incredibly fast and easy to use, and most importantly, FUN!" There's that word again.

Realmac has released a short -- very short -- teaser video for Analog Camera, which you'll find below for your viewing pleasure. It looks nice enough from what we can see, which isn't very much. But we're definitely looking forward to getting it in our hands. How about you guys though, do you think there's space for yet another camera app on iOS? Would you consider taking a look at this over your current favorite?

Source: Realmac Software

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Realmac teases Analog Camera for iPhone: Making photography fun again