Reeder 2 for OS X lands in the App Store, get it now for $9.99

Reeder 2 for Mac OS X

Reeder 2 has landed on Mac after enjoying a short public beta period. Reeder 2 can plug into the native Safari Reading List, Feedly, and Readability feeds, or operate completely on its own without any web service. Sharing options are abound and include all of the major services like Facebook, Twitter, Pocket, and Buffer. Multitouch gestures are supported to make sure you can flip from story to story with ease.

Reeder 2 has a healthy array of customization options, allowing you to tweak the theme, view type, and font size to your personal preferences for legibility. Of course all of the usual reading filters are there, so you can just look at the new stuff if that's what matters. And it just looks and operates great.

We're big fans of Reeder 2, so if you're in the market for an efficient way to catch up on your many, many favorite sites, give it a shot.

And if you've been on the beta app and are having a problem installing the full version, hit up these steps for help.

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Reeder 2 for OS X lands in the App Store, get it now for $9.99

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Have really embraced ReadKit during Reeder's long absence from the Mac, and learned to really like its support for Pocket and Instapaper accounts on top of RSS services. I think a comparison would be very helpful...