Reminder: Why there won't be any new or updated iPhone or iPad apps or games this week

Reminder: Why there won't be any new or updated iPhone or iPad apps or games this week

iTunes Connect is closing for the holidays tomorrow -- from Thursday, December 23 to Tuesday, December 28 to be exact -- and that means there won't be any new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad apps, games, or updates next week.

iTunes Connect is the portal developers use to submit and manage their apps. So the shutdown might be just to give Apple's review team a holiday of their own or it could give Apple time to do some system maintenance and improvements behind the scenes. Either way come tomorrow all the apps and games in the store will be locked down until just before New Year.

(Yes, that's also why so many apps and games are on sale now -- they can't change prices until after iTunes Connects opens again, and they're hoping a sale bumps them up in the rankings for all those new iPhone and iPads under the tree!)

We here at TiPb are used to getting a steady stream of new apps and games to keep us busy so I'm not even going to lie, it's going to be hard week. How about you? Is it going to feel strange going to the App Store and seeing nothing changed and nothing new?

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Reminder: Why there won't be any new or updated iPhone or iPad apps or games this week


I know iConnect will be shut down and we can't change anything on our Apps BUT what about track sales for Apps and iAd?

No big deal. You can take the time to spend with family, and friends. Bug Chad about his mic problems, or chip in, and buy him a mic set up. Do a tipb tv show about the loneliness of no apps. Ahhh the possibilities are endless.

I'm happy they're getting a holiday but it's strange when you go to App Store and don't see anything changed. Be a loooooong week.

For me this closure is great, because the appstore went like crazy yesterday. There are so many apps good apps on sale now, my huge wishlist is now empty :-) Who cares for the next week, I bought enough games NOW
Downloaded 10 apps yesterday (almost the entire SquareEnix catalogue, PuzzleQuest from EA and a few other RPGs). My Wishlist is empty and I still have 5€ left on my 25€ gift card.

Oh, thank god - I'm so sick of seeing new updates. It seems like lately there are half a dozen apps on my iPhone and another half dozen on my iPad that need to be updated every day, mostly for nothing too exciting. I like seeing no badges on the App Store icons.