Reminders in Clear teased by Realmac, pushing out in April


Clear by Realmac is a massively popular iOS app, and today they're giving us a look at the next addition, reminders. We'd previously heard reminder functionality was being added to the app, and now on the Realmac blog we're told to expect the update sometime in early April.

As we wrap up work on the iOS and Mac releases, I just wanted to let you know where we’re at. The team has been working incredibly hard to make this happen, however we also want to make reminders as intuitive as possible - and that means we’ve been constantly tweaking and refining how things work. The changes mean we’ve over-run from our (already-delayed) March launch - and we’re now looking to release the updates in early April.

Better to get it right than to rush it and have it affect the experience. We'll be keeping our eyes open for this one early next month.

Source: Realmac

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Reader comments

Reminders in Clear teased by Realmac, pushing out in April


Is there a way to use Clear without the garish colours? The functionality is great, but the colours are over the top and add nothing IMO.

Also, can you switch between lists easily by swiping or is it an iPod like experience of always drilling down through menus and sub menus?

Will this have anything to do with the already native Reminder? I've been using that one since the iPhone 4s came out that's when I got my iPhone...only I had synced it with my Yahoo Reminders and just recently it stopped I had to change my Reminders list from Yahoo to my own list so it still got backed up every night with my iCloud. Hope this will have something to do with the native Reminder :)