VooMoteZapper turns your iPhone or iPad into universal remote, leaves all your old infrareds to collect dust

The VooMoteZapper simply clips into the dock connector of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and turns it into a universal infrared remote control for your te

running iOS 5 and transforms it into a universal remote controller. It works in conjunction with an App Store app that provides you with the ability to program it to work with just about any piece of equipment that is controlled via an infrared signal.

 Say goodbye to the days of switching from app to app or fumbling for the right remote.  The all-in-one VooMote Zapper software and hardware combine all you need for an entire home entertainment experience. With VooMote Zapper App, you don't have to sacrifice customization for convenience. Consolidate all your remotes, TV Guide functionality (coming 2012), facebook and twitter (coming 2012) and still define custom remote layouts, programming and much more!

The VooMoteZapper can not only control single items of equipment but it also has the ability to be programmed with macro functions too. This enables you to program a string of commands under one function for example “Watch a movie”, this could then automatically turn on your TV, start your Blu-ray player and turn on your home theater surround sound system too. The downside of course is that you need to have an iOS 5 device available in your living room all the time.

The VooMoteZapper is available online from the Apple Store for $69.95 and is available in a few different colors like red, green, blue, pink and gray.

Source: Apple Store via 9to5 Mac

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Reader comments

VooMoteZapper turns your iPhone or iPad into universal remote, leaves all your old infrareds to collect dust


I don't see this being a big seller. Unless you're the only person in the house, why would anyone want to dedicate their device as a remote.

I find the iPad app (or the Uverse website) is often better for DVR searches and other involved tasks, but there is no way an iOS app would replace a dedicated remote. With a dedicated remote, I can pick it up, push a button, and be done. With an iOS app, each time I want to change the channel or the volume, I would have to pick it up, find the remote control app, fire it up, wait for it to load, then push the button. Too long of a process for the simple tasks that comprise the bulk of TV controlling.

This is why infrared needs to be built into all of the next generation of ops devices, so that I don't need to get more hardware.

The griffin beacon is pretty slick. No wires, sits on your coffee table and translates your Bluetooth signal from your iOS device (using the Dijit app) to IR. Very easy set up, multiple device functions can be used on one customized remote screen, pre-programmed actions (ie watch movie: turns on amp, tv, BRay player - all set to the right input/output settings). Also coordinated w your cable box to act as a guide on your iPad for whats on.
Only costs $80, don't have to take your case off! And every iOS device in your house will work..not just the one with the dongle on it.

The major drawback of touch based remotes are lack of raised buttons. If you do a lot of channel searching and a chronic clicker, the lack of of a tactile feel means eyes on the gadget to do anything.

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