Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated, But Damn Close

<img src='/sites/' alt=''kill me now" align='right' />By now you're all wondering why I haven't been posting this week. Well I can dispel the myth of my tragic death in a storm of Judgment day proportions. No, much to my misfortune I was incapacitated by the smallest of all things... a virus. Since Sunday evening I have suffered one of the worst bouts with flu in my young life. This virus comes equipped with all the latest features and options. When not doubled over with excruciating abdominal pains, I'm sitting on a porcelain throne experiencing all the joys of uncontrollable diarrhea. In the few brief moments respite from pain and purging, I suffer delirium as a result of high fever and insatiable fatigue. Needless to say, the past three days have not been fun for this lad.

But the show, or blog as it were, must go on. And on it goes. It is the Captain's duty to go down with his ship, but the ship should not go down with it's Captain. I will resume normal posting starting today, which won't be easy for me since I have a backlog of "my real job" work piled high on my desk. But enough of my whining.

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Reader comments

Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated, But Damn Close


heres to hope you get feeling better kent.
at least you had your iphone for all those hours spent on the toilet, right?

Yeah, I could have gone without the details. I figured it was as much anyway since you previously posted you have a job (which many bloggers do not) - haha.

I wrote iPhone should increase flu spreading because of the touchscreen dirt issue. I mean, mine is always dirty and cannot clean without M. Proper. Don't touch mine you will get virus instantaneously. Take car of you Kent.
From my iPhone, from France (ah, ah!)

Count yourselves lucky that I didn't post photos... or worse. I had a smashing idea for a live KentKam, right from my bathroom, ala JustinTV.

I did have a very enlightening conversation with Abraham Lincoln, and some of the paintings hanging on my bedroom walls.