Reproducing the iOS 7 Home screen... using Microsoft Word

Gotta hand it to Vaclav Krejci, by sheer force of will and commitment to concept, he bent one of the most unwieldy apps in the history of computing into a pretty good static duplicate of iOS 7's Home screen.


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Reproducing the iOS 7 Home screen... using Microsoft Word


Ok, maybe I'm just a hater, but seems like an incredible waste of time to try to do such a thing in Word. In fact, just launching Word seems like an incredible waste of time. ;)))

Mastery of Microsoft Word: Over 9000. Cause who needs illustrator and photoshop when you have MS Word. lol.

This is a pointless video. Sure Word has a text bubble, but so does Photoshop and several other applications. Whose to say what was used to add the text bubble and other shapes?

Nice mastery of MS Word. Not sure that this artist or Apple should have come up with the icons and color palette they chose.

I didn't know that you could do all this in Microsoft Word. It looks very powerful for a text editor

That video is mental!!! I love it!!!
Obviously iOS7 was not created in MS Word (for all you apple fans), but I love how the designer in the video has replicated everything JUST in word, who knew you could do all this!!!

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That was highly entertaining. However, at the end I had to sit back and just say...."But, WHY?". I admire the effort. I hope he sells a few eBooks in exchange for that bit of work.