Retina iPad mini now available for order via Apple Online - here's what you need to know!

Retina iPad mini now available for order via Apple Online

The Retina iPad mini is now available for order via Apple's online store. Delivery is currently 1-3 days for 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi, and 5-10 days for all other Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models. It's available in a in many countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

If you place your order, let me know what you get, and when the estimated delivery date is. If you're still trying to decide between an iPad Air and the Retina iPad mini, or between the various different Retina iPad mini options, check out our comprehensive iPad buyers guide:

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Retina iPad mini now available for order via Apple Online - here's what you need to know!


Thanks for the heads up, Rene! Thankfully, I saw your what you thought might be just a rumor post. Played it safe and was ready to order at midnight. Now I have a space gray 32Gb Mini Retina on the way. Wish they had next day pickup. But inventory constraints, I'm sure, prevented that.
iMore rocks!

So the rumors that said apple had problem with screen manufacturer and dead pixels were fake?

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Those rumors are most likely true. If we see the shipping times get pushed out once people know they can order...that will tell us for sure. I expect people are going to quickly discover that getting an iPad Mini with Retina Display before Christmas is going to be a challenge.

128 GB AT&T Space Gray ordered. WOOT. Been waiting on a Retina iPad for a year ... maxed this one out because I plan on keeping it for 2 or 3 years [hopefully] this time. New processor is a beast.

Says 5 to 10 days to ship on the Cellular models. Expected delivery is somewhere between November 26 and December 4... That said - I ordered the new Retina MacBook Pro 15" with the PCIe Storage - they said a week and I had it two days later.

Ordered my shiny new iPad Mini – 64GB WIFI + 4G in Space Gray via the Apple Store app at 3:01!!! As others have said, delivery scheduled for 11/26-12/4. Happy Camper tonight :)

Ordered mine at 3 am est. I ordered the white/silver 128gb At&t. Yeah! Can't wait! I suspect, it will come by 11-22.

Got my iPad mini 128gb space grey wifi within a minute of the site going live in Sydney. Shipping between 22-29 Nov.

Really excited and thankful to iMore for breaking the news today been holding onto my money for the past month missing my 2 iPad mini's I sold.

So excited!!

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Ordered me a moment ago. 16GB Wi-fi Space Grey. Shipping is 1-3 days with delivery between Nov. 20 and Nov. 22. Had I not been up for this new schedule, I mint have missed out! YES!

Still wondering if I should sell off my iPad 3 (Wi-Fi) for the iPad mini (with Cellular) or just keep both? (*A bit of cash tight here*)

Any word on if stores have them? Or when I want to go and have a go one one and compare to the air - looking at buying after xmas

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Any word on if stores have them? Or when I want to go and have a go one one and compare to the air - looking at buying after xmas

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I ordered the Space Gray 16GB Wifi and the black iPad mini smart case to go with it. Says it delivers Nov 20-22 by standard shipping :-)

Just saw the news here in the US, ordered a Space Gray 128GB 4G for Verizon, says Nov. 26 - Dec. 4 for delivery date right now. Good that I was on the East coast today and not home in Denver, probably will be sold out by the time they all wake up!

I checked the Apple online store. The cheapest Wifi+cellural (16GB) model is EUR 609 = 815 USD. Ouch! No need to order one, it seems. I do not even want to look what the 128GB version would cost... oh, darned, yes I do: 1176$

I guess it is no wonder Androids are gobbling up this market as well. I, too, am forced to go there.

Haven't you confused your digits?

The 16GB+Cellular costs EUR 509 in most EU countries Germany, Spain, Italy, etc not EUR 609...

Even in France with it's strange taxes it costs 519...

Well, well, well. Those sneaky little possums at Apple pulled one over on us! Not to worry - I was able to order a 64GB White/Silver at 7:30AM this morning. Delivery between Nov. 26 and Dec. 4.

I ordered the 128GB Space Gray for my wife and I have a ship date between Nov. 26 and Dec. 4. I'm waiting for it to be available on the Amex gift store so I can burn all my points getting one for myself :)

Just ordered my Space Grey 32GB Wifi :) It says 1-3 business days but says arrival 25 Nov. It's the 12th? Oh well c'est la vie I'm just glad I was able to order it.

I've yet to buy something from that landed or passed its the estimated ship date. Always got my stuff earlier. I think Apple has been conservative with shipping dates as they would rather look like miracle workers, instead of promise breakers. Good luck to all of us!

Ordered my Space Grey 32GB Wifi at 4:15 AM Eastern Time. It says 1-3 business days Shipping and Arrival between 20-22!

All the T-Mobile stores I called were clueless on how to get it, since they only have the Air and original mini on the website. Gave up and ordered my 32GB+LTE on, so we're all waiting for 11/26-12/4. Also got a bunch of T-Mobile nano-SIM cards for free using that Veteran's Day sale for my inactive devices, so this should be a fun holiday going forward.

I ordered a Silver 16gb with LTE to take advantage of the T Mobile free data deal.

Never had an iPad before, so this is testing the waters for me and I'll finally see
what all the fuss is about. Never thought I needed more than my laptop before.

I ordered a 128gb gray for Sprint, it says the delivery date is Nov. 26 - Dec. 4th, which is fine with me. I'll be on vacation for the next week, so it should ship when I'm back. I also had some engraving done, don't know if that will hold it up or not (it hasn't in the past). I called the local Apple stores, and they said they were "entering them into inventory" at the moment. When I asked when they'd be available in store, they said keep checking online every hour or so. I also called my local cell carrier, and they didn't even know they'd been released.....

I have a question about which carrier to pick in the U.S., but based on not living in the U.S. Hopefully someone can confirm this. I'm traveling to the U.S. and plan to get an iPad Mini Retina. While I may use cellular in the U.S. once in a while, a majority of my use will be international. From what I can see, there is only one model, so which carrier I pick doesn't seem too important since they're all unlocked and they all support all carriers. Am I missing something, is there a difference or an advantage of picking one carrier vs. another? Since these are highly constrained I'm thinking I'll just get what's available.

I'll sure appreciate any help or thoughts on this. Thanks!

I find it very interesting how Apple silently released these. It also appears that stock is holding up relatively well for the wifi only models.

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I loved the original mini for the size and portability of it, just not so much the specs. This seems to correct all of those issues and you get a nice retina display. I will probably be picking one up around the holidays because Apple really made the mini one beast of a tablet, with specs to match the high end air.

Hey Rene - Ordered the 16GB space gray wifi only model via Apple Store. Looking forward to the great display and faster processor.

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Does anyone know what the actual capacity is on the new 128GB wi-fi only ipad mini with retina display?
Under about -> capacity, mine is showing 115GB with ios 7.0.4 installed & 113GB available.
I would like to make sure I'm getting all my available space before my 30 day return is up.
I appreciate any information.