Retina iPad mini supply levels 'unclear' for the holidays (i.e. buy early)

During today's quarterly financial results call, Tim Cook sounded unsure about whether or not they were going to have enough Retina iPad minis to meet demand for the last quarter of the year. Specifically, he noted that "It's unclear whether we'll enough for the quarter." Obviously it's going to be a good holiday for Apple regardless, and Cook went so far to say that "it's going to be an iPad Christmas," but combined with the later release date of the Retina iPad mini sometime later in November, it might be tricky getting your hands on this specific model for the holidays. Even now, there's apparently a backlog for the iPhone 5s due to supply constraints - one can only imagine how long a lack of components might clog up Retina iPad production during the busiest retail season of the year.

How many of you had your heart set on giving (or getting) a Retina iPad for the holidays? Are you willing to camp out on launch day for one, whenever that might be?

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Reader comments

Retina iPad mini supply levels 'unclear' for the holidays (i.e. buy early)


Just a marketing move to heighten demand? Hmmmm....

Anyway, I really want to get the two new ones in my hands to see if the iPad Air is light enough to forgo the mini, so I hope there's still some of both left after the wait-in-line folks have finished feeding! ;-)

I don't like waiting in line, so I doubt I will go that far. If they are in that short supply, you will probably need to line up very early in the morning to get your hands on one.

I'm hoping on picking up two for my daughters, and I am willing to stay up until online ordering starts, so I guess I'll be in for a late night.

Exactly what Apple wants it's customers to think and especially since the holidays is just around the corner. Do you really think a multi-billion dollar company who is so used to very high product demand at launch is suddenly gonna underestimate it's product demand especially at launch? Lol not saying you're a victim of their marketing scheme but the way you put it makes you sound like you are.

Demand is tough to estimate and apple has historically been unable to make enough product when new product hits the shelves. Believe me, Tim knows how many he make, and he knows very likely he simply can't make enough. A marketing game? No chance, he also knows they lose a certain number of sales to competitors when orders cannot be met. A numbers guy like Tim would never leave sales on the table to be stolen by a cheaper tablet.

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I'm with Ron. A 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke, some movies, popcorn, and wait up 'til 2AM (12PM Pacific Time) the day they go on sale. Be assured, I WILL get one! :)

Is ipad mini w/ retina display rolling out in first November? Or is it coming later? Apple just says it's comin later in november.

my company is doing a corporate event in London next month, and plan to give away an ipad mini ret.. - guess who's been "delegated" to camping outside the apple store?! :(

The question is will the demand for the hard to get Retina Mini be like the gold iPhone? If it is then camping out might be worth it when you can sell it and buy both an iPad Air and Retina Mini later on plus still have money left over. We'll just have to see, I have friends who have pre-ordered both the PS4 and the XBox One hoping the supply restraints means they'll make a huge killing off of one or both.

When I decide between the Air and the Mini, I will most likely order the Mini online if I go with that. I want a 64GB model with LTE and I know that the suppliers like Walmart and other dealers in my small town and neighboring communities won't get anything other than 16GB models on launch day. My closest Apple store is 50 miles away but my work schedule won't allow me to wait all day up there. I wish Apple would go back to preorders a week out like they did with the iPhone 5 but when it comes down to it, I'm glad I ordered my 5S online at midnight based on the shortages and even though I had to wait four days for it to get here, I still got it faster than most people who went to stores.