Retina MacBook Air rumored for later this year

MacBook Air

Something many of us crave, supply chain rumors claim that Apple will finally launch a MacBook Air with Retina Display later on this year. Treat it with caution, since the source, Digitimes, has a mixed record when it comes to accuracy. Nevertheless, here's what they have to say:

However, other Taiwan-based supply chain makers hold the opinion that 2014 MacBook shipments estimates may not be accurate because Apple will launch new models in the second half of 2014. Apple will reportedly launch a MacBook Air with Retina display, the makers said.

Sketchy at best, but it isn't the first MacBook related rumor we've heard in recent times. Just last week we heard talk of a new 12-inch model with a Retina Display, no fan and a new trackpad design. All sounds very exciting, but what would you most like from a new model MacBook?

Source: Digitimes

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Retina MacBook Air rumored for later this year


I would like a retina MBA but at a lower price. Never going to happen but one can dream.

Agree. I keep hearing this rumor. What would be the difference between the two? An extra USB port? It would have to just as thick as the Pro or suffer lousy battery life. So what's the point?

I'm a 15' Macbook Pro kinda guy myself and though the size and lightness of the Air has always appealed to me, Retina and beefier internals are a must, but could this lead to Apple eliminating the 11' and 13" in favor of just going with one laptop in its Air category?

Good point and I too am the retina pro type of a guy, albeit at the 13 inch lol being only $299 more and heavier doesn't really bother me, but for them to make the air with retina display would likely add weight to it. I would imagine the externals needed will make the form factor a little less compact and they may have to drop the Air moniker altogether. However, if they CAN add retina display while somehow retaining the insane amounts of the battery life that the air currently holds, I'll happily stand in line for one. Probably not gonna happen, but one can dream...

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I can't see a retina MBA being worth it unless the new chips are amazing. At some point the thermal barrier is going to cause there to be an issue.

I wonder what the battery life would be like on an Air with its small battery size. It'll be interesting to see how Apple handles this, if actually true.

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Retina MBA sounds good to me, but I hope they keep the focus on extending battery life.

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I would expect a retina MacBook Air no later then next year or Apple is lagging it in my opinion, but it'd be cool if they did it this year. I don't know how they'd keep it the same size or smaller withought sacrificing battery life unless they make huge gains on software/hardware power efficiency and make the mother board smaller but more powerful.