Retro iTablet, Remote Mac Control via iPhone, Mighty Morphing iPhone Dock -- Apple Patent Watch


In the ever-envigorating game of "What's That Apple Patent for Anyway?" this time we get a look at a multi-touch click-wheel iTablet, a way to remotely control your Mac from your

First up, an un-thin looking iTablet-style device with a retro click-wheel but an even more interesting backstory, according to 9to5mac, as:

One of the patent applicants for Apple is a one Dr. Carlin Vieri. He's no longer with Apple (hel left just over a year ago). He happens to be the VP of Engineering for [rumored Apple iTablet screen supplier] Pixel Qi right now.

Second, a patent to allow the iPhone to remotely control your Mac either via gestures, specialized on-screen buttons, and/or Voice Control, as well as support for peripherals like printers. PatentlyApple has the goods, but from the sounds of it, you could email that new PDF home, launching Preview, deleting some pages, then sending it to the printer so it's waiting, warm and ready when you get in door.

Last, PatentlyApple also shows off a new kind of universal dock. It employs an elastic, spongy material that can morph into the shape of any iPod or iPhone, past, present, or future. Yes folks, it might just make the dock insert extinct.

As always, there's no telling when, if ever, Apple will make use any of these patents in ant consumer-facing product. But it's fun to watch.

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Retro iTablet, Remote Mac Control via iPhone, Mighty Morphing iPhone Dock -- Apple Patent Watch


I HATE it when people put first, it's a pointless stupid exercise which wastes time and makes a post seem pointless. I dint normally read the comment because the first 10 are people saying "first" even if they weren't the first! Please please please! Find something useful to say!
I do however love the idea of a universal morphing dock, I cba to get a correct insert for my 3GS so it just holds itself on the connector (before anyone says that it bad for it, I have insurance with O2, so meh)