Nite Ize Clip Case for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS


If you enjoy the outdoor activities such as hiking and you don't feel like spending a lot of money on a heavy duty case then the rugged Nite Ize Sideways Clip Case for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS [$16.95 - iMore Store Link] is definitely worth a look. For the full review follow us after the break!


The Nite Ize Sideways Clip Case is very well constructed with leather and ballistic nylon accented with weather-resistant hypalon. Your phone's top flap secures firmly with velcro. Those of you who favor magnetic closing may come away disappointed, but if you are using this case for some sort of outdoor activity you are better off with velcro. On the back of the case you will find a super strong "flex-clip" that will fit belts, waistbands or straps up to 2 3/16” (5.5cm) and features an easy on, easy off design. To remove the case you simply pull it away from your hip and then pull up. With that being said, it will not accidentally come off during your hiking or mountain biking trip.


The interior of the Nite Ize is sure to protect your iPhone with its very soft lining. There is no need to worry about the actual case doing any damage to the phone like we've seen in the past with other cases. A really nice touch with the interior is a pocket to store your credit cards, identification, money or whatever else you can get to fit. This especially came in handy while going on some hikes where I did not want to carry my wallet. The interior pocket is a very welcomed addition to this style of case.


The more hiking I do with the Nite Ize Sideways Clip Case [iMore Store Link - $16.95] the more I like it. Is this a case I would use on a daily basis? No. However, those of you who are looking for a well built, rugged case - give it a try. You should not come away disappointed.


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Nite Ize Clip Case for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS


I think he wouldn't use it on daily basis because the velcro would be a pain to rip open several times a day versus the magnet version cases. At least that would be my reason. But when hiking, I can see the benefits of the velcro.

Looks like a great, rugged, case. As an active outdoor sports enthusiast, I need one more component in a case. I ski and I sometimes need or want to look at my iPhone while on a chairlift. I want a case with a lanyard or a place that I can connect my own lanyard that will go around my wrist or neck. I'm not so concerned with protection from the elements as protection from dropping. I'd even modify a case if I could fine the right product. Has anyone found such a product? It should be slim to be easily carried in the chest pocket of a fleece top or shell.

Thank you for your post, i loved studying it. I do not concur with it all however it was a good post.

Does anyone know if this pouch will work with an iphone 4 with a otterbox defender case. If not, is there a case you would recommend. Thanks