Reward Summit for iOS updated with all new interface, fixes for crashes

Reward Summit for iOS updated with all new interface, fixes for crashes

We recently took a look at Reward Summit and its ability to easily recommend which credit card in your wallet you should use in order to maximize your rewards and bonus points. It just got a large update that brings with it a brand new interface and design as well as fixes for crashes some users were experiencing.

After our last look at Reward Summit, we saw some users in the comments letting us know they were experiencing crashing issues. If that sounds like you, make sure you grab the updated version. The updated interface also makes Reward Summit even easier to use. I haven't had any issues finding the cards I carry in my wallet and the rewards programs attached to them.

The new version of Reward Summit, like the old, requires little to no personal information in order to get recommendations. If you happen to try out the updated version, let us know what you think in the comments!

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Reader comments

Reward Summit for iOS updated with all new interface, fixes for crashes


Thanks for updating this, the App didn't show up on my update screen because it's an entirely new app.
I like this one much better. It's faster and the design is much more appealing. Haven't had any crashing yet (iPhone 5 running 6.1.4).

Definitely an improvement. Had the old version for a while, new version seems faster/cleaner, kind of like Chrome vs. I.E., haha.

I was one of the users who commented about the crashes in the previous version. Like the commenter above the update did not show up (dont know maybe I had to wait little longer). Deleted and reinstalled to see the update.

Used it a few times and no crashes. Like the new interface and overall imporvement, but hate to say the positives end there. The app, for me at least, fails to do what it is supposed to do.

The very reason for using app does not seem to work right. I use an Amex Cash Preferred (6% CB at supermarkets, 3% at gas stations & dept stores, 1% other purchases) and Chase Freedom (2013 Q3 CB is 5% at gas stations, theme parks and Kohl's, 1% other purchases). There are 4 gas stations within 2 miles of my house and the app only shows one. Does not show even when I search for them by name. When I select the one gas station Reward Summit tells me the best card to use is Amex, which is not correct based on the percentages above. Major fail in my opinion.

Couple of other minor things. 1) There may be a reason for this, but when I open the app, I would like to see "My cards" listed first. 2) Based on the merchant show me the one best of "My cards", instead of listing all and having me swipe through them. I use only two cards, but for those who use more than two that could get cumbersome.

I am sticking to Wallaby (, have been using it for a while now and have no complaints.

Umm -- something must be weird, I have the same two cards and it got it right one for me.

I love the new improved interface and the fact that it is so quick and easy to setup and doesn't require any personal information.

Not sure. I deleted and reinstalled the new app. Also deleted and re-added the cards. Still same thing.

All the other card shows correctly, but the Amex Cash Preferred always shows 6% regardless of which category (restaurant, gas, AAA, Car Wash etc.)

I am one of the co-founders of Reward Summit. I am surprised too to hear you are having this problem, since we definitely have both of those cards scored correctly. My guess is that the gas station near you is coming back from our data provider as the wrong type of store (we do see some mistakes from them, especially on gas stations). We will be doing data cleanup in the next few days, which should fix that if it's what the problem is.

Regarding your comment on putting your cards first, thanks for suggesting that. We think you are right and whenever the next update comes out we will most likely be incorporating that into the app. As far as finding the other gas stations near you, we made a decision with the design of this app to only show the first store that comes up. If it's not the store you want, you click on that store and it will show the other 20 stores near you. We prototyped an interface that was map based and looked more like what Wallaby shows (or at least did at the time we were having that discussion), and we decided to try to go with an interface that would require less clicks. We may well have missed the mark on that one, but the feedback we got from user testing during development seemed to favor this approach.

Again, thanks for your feedback and thanks for trying the app out. We know we can't make everyone happy, but we also know that constructive criticism gets us closer to that ideal.


Hi John, I will say that like improvements.

When I click on the cheat sheet icon from the app, under the 'My Cards' it shows me only the Amex Preferred Cash card.

I am in IT and totally understand that not everyone will be happy with a product, but in my case the core functionality does seem to be working. Again I can email you the screen shots if you like.

That would be hugely helpful. john at rewardsummit dot com. If you could send me both the main screen recommending the wrong card at the gas station (and if you don't mind, clicking on the gas station so I can see the other nearby merchants), and also the cheat sheet I would greatly appreciate it.