RexRegina Hamilton Case for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G


The RexRegina Hamilton Case [$44.95 - iMore Store link] is hands down one of the finest crafted leather pouches I have used to date. While this particular type of case may only appeal to a certain crowd, I can not recommend it highly enough for those of you who are fans of the pouch case. For the full run-down read on after the break!

This RexRegina Hamilton case is a perfect fit for any business man or woman out there that is looking for a classy yet simple case to keep an iPhone protected. It is made from the finest leather available directly from the Tuscany region in Italy. And once you get the case in your hands you can instantly feel it's high build quality.


With it's slim profile you can slide the case into a computer bag, briefcase, purse or pocket with ease. Within the first couple days of use the fit may feel a bit too snug for your liking but give it time, the leather will break in but not so much that the phone would easily fall out of the case. You can rest easy knowing that the fit is secure. Another nice feature is one that not many pouch cases actually have - access to the volume control and the ring/silent switch. The side height is designed to allow easy access to the controls, which is a welcome addition to a pouch case.


Like I mentioned early, these types of cases are not for everybody, but if you are someone who prefers high quality pouch cases it may be worth your while to give this case a try.

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RexRegina Hamilton Case for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G


I use a case when I want to carry my phone in my pocket as opposed to a side holster. The pouch is also great for women to use with a purse.
With that said... my wife and I paid $1 each for ours on eBay and have been very pleased with the quality and this is not a case where, "You get what you pay for." We have got more than we paid for and her $1 case has prevented damage due to drops.
As you said, pouches are not for everyone but if you are looking for an ideal way to slide the phone in your pocket without it taking up much room and rubbing against your keys, find one (as I am sure there are many between $1 - $44) and use it.

@ steveng
I agree totally. But between you and me... eBay doesn't pay them a dime if they send people there. RexRegina Hamilton however just might. But hey, whatever helps keep this site going strong, keep it up!!!