Rhapsody App Coming to iPhone - Approval Pending...



RealNetworks recently submitted their on-demand music streaming application for the iPhone and iPod Touch to Apple for review. Yes, this is the moment all of you Rhapsody subscribers have been waiting for.

Rhapsody is a subscription based service, $12.99/Month, that allows you the ability to listen to any single song or album on-demand. Current subscribers to Rhapsody can simply log into the app with their existing user name and password and can be streaming music in no time. If you are not a subscriber you will have the opportunity to take the app for a free limited time test drive.

The big question is whether or not Apple will approve this app but given the amount of negative press Apple's app approval process is currently getting, we are leaning towards this one being approved.

Subscription based music streaming is in high demand on devices such as iPhone so it makes us wonder - when will Apple make it's move into the music streaming business? Not that this would be likely to actually happen but Apple could even offer the service as an extra perk to all of us who subscribe to their MobileMe service.

Would you be willing to pay Apple for a service such as Rhapsody or are you perfectly content with current iTunes setup?


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Reader comments

Rhapsody App Coming to iPhone - Approval Pending...


Wow, that's expensive.
With a budget of 12.99 per month you could just about buy every song that tickles your fancy each month from iTunes.

Thank God. I bought a Sansa player and resurrected an old dell desktop just to take advantage of the the RhapsodyToGo service. Why iTunes hasn't come up with a way to implement a subscription service is beyond me. What's even sadder is that a lot of people don't understand what Rhapsody is and what it gives you. Short and sweet: I can listen to anything I want, as much as I want for $15 a month as opposed to 15 songs from iTunes, over and over and over. And now that it's on the iPhone, I have just about every album on the planet in my pocket, not taking up one bit of memory on my iPhone.

"The big question is whether or not Apple will approve this app but given the amount of negative press Apple’s app approval process is currently getting, we are leaning towards this one being approved."
Yes indeed. Given the bad blood between Apple and Rhapsody going back years now, this is the one you would want to bet the house on getting approval. And Apple has always been inclined to bend under pressure. Yes, some real insight shown here.

This is great news if Rhapsody can gain approval. I dropped my Rhapsody subscription after getting my iPhone and assumed that the two would never work together. I hoped that iTunes would go with a subscription service, but if Rhapsody has an app, I'm in.

I love rhapsody and having it on the Iphone would really change the game. I have a two hour commute and recently upgraded to 3gs 32 g just to have enough room for my music.
To answer your question; Yes, I would pay Apple for music streaming if they allow multi tasking while streaming music. Apple needs to let this app in as soon as possible.

I like Rhapsody because they stream whole albums or individual songs on demand, which I record to my hard drive and listen to later in the event I don't have an internet connection ;)

I was all excited about Rhapsody but many are talking about it getting rejected since allowing Rhapsody would mean apple having to approve Napster app as well just in case napster develops one that is.
However, if Napster app does get accepted we all will get to enjoy unlimited on-demand streaming on our iPhone for just $5/month instead of $13/month

Interesting politcal move by rhapsody...they could not have picked a better time to submit this than now with apple trying to avoid the wrath of being labeled a monopoly. Letting the public KNOW they submitted it really amps up the pressure.
@Kenny - hopefully you wanted a 3g anyway because Simplify puts all music you have on any iPhone.

As a lover of music, i never really understood the subscription service. I like to own my music and not have to keep up on a monthly payment in order to access it. Maybe if your just into a song here or there its a good idea. There was a time when musicians acually made good albums. remember those?

Damn, anyway, Facebook is taking, we might see this one by Christmas. I would be more into it, if you could pick any song that you are listening too, actually download it and own it. That would make it worth the money

@ Jared
Yes, I wanted the 3gs anyway because I wanted to have enough room to put what ever I wanted on the phone. Simplify is great but the first version which I paid for did not allow you to create play list on the go. The other thing is Simplify does not allow you to do anything else while streaming music and that is a major issue for me.
If you like all kinds of music like I do, Rhapsody is the way to go. Just do a little research on the Net and you'll find out what I found that. trust me you wont regret it.

The SDK is designed for subscriptions right? That's what Apple should do and not fight this just turn it into a business oportunity...

@Jack Dawson:

Yes indeed. Given the bad blood between Apple and Rhapsody going back years now, this is the one you would want to bet the house on getting approval.

There has been some speculation that announcing (loudly) that Rhapsody is coming, and sort of daring Apple to reject it at the exact moment that Apple is running trying to extricate itself from the clutches of the FCC may be an intentional tactic on the part of RealNetworks.
Apple hardly needs the FTC on its neck at the same time.
So my bet is it does get approved, begrudgingly by Apple.
See: http://tinyurl.com/lvyqy3 (The Register.com)

@The fake Truth:
And streaming audio (pandora, etc) = free and is non-theft, with no RIAA lawyers to worry about.
The choice is Obvious, except to the morally impaired.

okay then. Pandora is a viable option though I can't listen to songs on demand. By the way the illegal activity in which my morally impaired self (bittorrent, etc..) has been dabbling in has actually led me to purchase.....that's right buy with money; a Lot more music than without it. Why should I have to buy something only to find out it's shit? Is that really necessary? RIAA lawyers? Cmon now.....really?