Ridge Racer Slipstream goes free for a week with all the drifts you can handle!

A quick heads up that Ridge Racer Slipstream is this weeks free app of the week in the App Store. The arcade racing King came back to iOS in December 2012 with all the drifts you can handle. And if you snag it now, you're saving the $2.99 asking price.

We were hugely impressed with Ridge Racer Slipstream when we took a first look at it. It's a totally different animal to something like Real Racing 3, but equally fun. Great graphics, sublime arcade style controls with huge drifts perfectly possible, this is one for racing fans everywhere.

So, if you're in need of a new game to play this weekend, look no further. Snag it from the App Store at the link below and grab it for free while you can!

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Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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Reader comments

Ridge Racer Slipstream goes free for a week with all the drifts you can handle!


I gave this a go and thought it was incredibly dull, both visually and from a gameplay perspective. It's a world away from the glossy Ridge Racers of the PS1 and PS2 era.

It also rubbed me the wrong way right from the outset, asking me to select my language (English) with an American flag, which is ignorant behind belief, then it spammed me shortly after I stopped paying it with push messages (despite not asking me for permission). Needless to say, it was deleted very quickly.

A far better (albeit very different) game also went free recently - Mutant Mudds.