RIM gets a new CEO, and he calls goes to... CrackBerry Kevin

RIM gets a new CEO, his first call goes to... CrackBerry Kevin

It's actually happened -- after bringing BlackBerry from pager to the top of the smartphone world only to see the iPhone and Android all but demolish their share, RIM today announced founders and co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie would be stepping down, and current operations head Thorsten Heins would be taking over as the new, unified CEO.

And one of his first official acts was to call our own Kevin Michaluk, founder of CrackBerry.com and #1 BlackBerry fanboy.

It's hard to express just how big of a change this is for RIM. Let's put it this way. Since launching CrackBerry.com in 2007 I have been wanting to get an interview with RIM's CEOs. It has never happened. With Thorsten, it happened in literally minutes, and it wasn't even me who asked for it to happen, but rather it was the CEO wanting to do it. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Mike and Jim and all they have done for BlackBerry over the years, but it's clear that for BlackBerry to thrive again RIM needed a shake up, and I think Thorsten is going to do an amazing job leading the way.

With their marketshare continuing to slide, lackluster PlayBook sales, and QNX/BlackBerry 10 superphones still months away, it's clear RIM needed to do something to reassure investors and enthusiasts alike. Here's wishing Heins every success. Strong BlackBerry competition is good for everyone. Bring it on.

Source: CrackBerry.com

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RIM gets a new CEO, and he calls goes to... CrackBerry Kevin


I wish him luck as new CEO. He has a huge up hill battle; of the magnitude that it will take a Steve Jobs-esque turn around for the company to be in the position it once was.

Check out the videos at Crackberry.com this guy seems like he's on the ball. I feel good, or at least cautiously optimistic!

You know as bad as RIM is doing right now...and old school their phones look...dude did the right thing to call Kevin...I'm an iPhone person but used to have a blackberry and the guy knows what he is talking about. Those two CEOs finally where kicked to the curb...and to be honest I wish them the best...I want them to make me want a blackberry back again. iPhone's are cool...love them...and theirs nothing else out there that pulls me in another direction. LOVE COMPETITION.

Agreed. I use a blackberry for work. They have many fine features but need a major kick to get back in the game. Hopefully this does it.