RIM's iPad competitor, BlackBerry PlayBook gets reviewed!

CrackBerry Kevin goes hands-on for a full BlackBerry PlayBook review

RIM's iPad competitor, BlackBerry PlayBook gets reviewed!

RIM finally gets their 7-inch, QNX-powered iPad competitor to market and our sibling site, CrackBerry.com has your positively gargantuan BlackBerry PlayBook review piping hot and ready! From hardware to software literally nothing is left out. So how does the man who loves BlackBerry like the PlayBook?

As a BlackBerry fan and somebody who wants to see RIM hit nothing but pure homeruns, I'm of course a little choked up over the PlayBook's first at bat performance. There's no doubt it has some raw talent and killer moves that are going to attract some fans and loud cheers from the crowd (including me of course), but to be a real superstar it's going to have to mature a little more and roundout its skill set. A little more practice time in the batting cage before stepping out on the field may have been the call to make on this one (as in waiting until native email and core app integration were complete before hitting the market).

So he loves where it's going, if not exactly where it is right now and that's fair. QNX is RIM's future and this is their first step towards it. Hopefully it keeps Apple swinging for the bleachers as well. Competition is good for everyone, especially consumers.

So grab your iPad, hit the links below, and enjoy a quiet night of reading because Kevin has outdone himself bringing you everything you need to know about the BlackBerry PlayBook:

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There are 18 comments. Add yours.

Sooks says:

Old Steve was right ... DOA

Ravi says:

I still prefer the iPad

Ravi says:

If you look at Kevin's web tests, the iPad wins most of them

OptimusPrime says:

who cares about the playsucks... i guess the playsucks users, need to pull the battery every time the screen froze up, like the blackberry devices... ha ha ha

OptimusPrime says:

i forgot, how many times they have to pull the battery to reset the playsuck...? some people the pull the battery in their blackberry more than 6 times a day...! and they wait more than 10 minutes for complete reboot.. shame....!

Tadddd says:

Pray tell, where in the video do they pull the NON-REMOVABLE battery out of the PlayBook to reset it?
All of the reviews of these pre-release units concur that battery life is fine and that the OS itself is extremely stable with only individual apps crashing (which does suck, but none of these instances were reported to have crashed the OS). No one stated that they needed to reset.
Check it:
Engadget, BGR and TechCrunch have great reviews (that's not to say the device itself is "great" but the reviews are very thorough.
Educate yourself fanboi

LonerATO says:

I like Kevin's honesty about the Playbook and how in-depth the review was.

FACE says:

if someone needs to pull their battery 6x a day then there's a serious issue. A bootup is only maybe 60-90 seconds, depending if you just updated the OS. I love the playbook, really do, and the tethering is awesome, wifi being the only model you'd need. But @ $499, it's kind of hard to say no to the ipad, 3" more viewing area and more apps? I'd be willing to give up the tethering. Plus the non-proprietary cable and easy hdmi cable is nice.

eric6052 says:

Yeah Kevin is very thurogh in his reviews of all devices and the Playbook is no exception. Its definitely a first release product and much like Windows Phone 7 and the first iPhone its got missing features. I go back and forth on the size. I have a Playbook sized Book Color and my wife's ipad side by side. The difference really is huge and almost makes the comparison between the two seem goofy. QNX will be interesting to watch evolve over the next couple of years. I hope Blackberry survives and helps push Microsoft, Apple and Google to keep innovating.

Hunter Drew says:

I am not an apple fanboy by any means. I actually have a Blackberry Bold 9650 and love it. But why in the world would you buy a Playbook when you can get an Ipad.... Seriously makes no sense to me.

excaliburca says:

I have a friend in the gov't who is wanting one... the fact it works seemlessly with a BB is very tempting.

Ryan says:

I would agree that if you're going to offer only one size, it should be the 10", but I do like the fact that RIM is trying to do something different. I could see how, depending on how you plan to use the device, you may want a 7" screen. It kind-of reminds me of the small tablet that Eric uses on NCIS LA.

Jason says:

RIM better sell these with a Blackberry lol

RRP Video says:

I'm sure they will. There is no other choice than to ramp it up and make sure the businesses are on board.

dc says:

Anyone know where to get wallpaper image he's got on there?

OptimusPrime says:

you need more than 60-90 seconds stop lying, i had the bb storm 1 and 2, trust me. i check the time every time i pulled the battery.
i never going back to rim or any of there product they suck....!

SockRolid says:

OMG that screen is small. And yet it's too big to fit in a pocket.
Oh well, RIM. Back to the drawing board...

JERRY says:

Do your really have to say "competition is good for everyone" in every "competitor" post