RoboForm Password Manager for iPhone

RoboForm for iPhone

We're huge security proponents here at TiPb, and that typically means recommending 1Password on the Mac and RoboForm on the PC. 1Password's iPhone app has been available for long time already, providing on-device and Mac synced bliss. Now, finally, RoboForm for iPhone [FREE - iTunes link] is here as well.

It's a first release, it's not quite feature complete yet (on device editing is a priority and coming soon), it requires an online account for syncing (a local Wi-Fi option to sync with the PC client would be nice as well), and there are some bugs (no 4 character master passwords -- though you really should be using much, much longer master passwords!) security is so important we wanted to let you know about it right away, or if you already know about it, we wanted you to let us know how it was working for you.

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RoboForm Password Manager for iPhone


Nice ! Been waiting for a long time for RoboForm to make an iPhone version of their software ! Didn't expect they would make it anymore and it's even free !
Gonna get it right away !

Kinda wish this review explained more about what it does. Is it JUST a password vault like 1Password was last time I tried it? I used to use 1Password, but since I run Windows there was no easy way to backup my passwords. Since then, I found mSecure. I love it. Fast and simple Wireless sync. Encryption seems to be very good. Decent integration with other apps by auto-copying password when you tap on a link so you can easily paste it in Safari or wherever.
There seem to be about 500 different 'password manager' type apps out there. I had tried a few of them, but there were just too many to really try to figure out which is best. I'm happy with mSecure now, but it would be an excellent idea for an article to compare a large number of these apps and lay out all the differences. Since there are so many, maybe just select those that have a decent sync/backup method. That was one of the major 'selling' points to me. Good encryption, easy to use interface, and easy to use sync/backup.

I have used several of these programs and so far I like SplashID the best. 1Password is nice on iPhone but no PC app. The SplashID sync works very easy. The UI could be improved, but this has become one of the top programs I use.

Roboform also has online/web access to your passwords via a mobile formatted site, works just fine on iPhone. I just bookmarked the mobile site on safari and just sync my pc roboform online. Does this app add any additional features over just using the website?

Sorry guys, but I will never... never trust any web server on the Internet with all my passwords... its just too easy to any leaving employee or hacker to get into.

FYI Updated v1.2 of this app was just released on the app store. Go here for more info:
To answer your questions:
Brian: The RoboForm app has 1-click logins so definitely more than just a viewer.
NickFL2011: See above, 1-click logins is the biggest thing, but check out out our page for a full listing

Mange: RoboForm Online is NOT a public server, where are you getting this information?
RoboForm Data is encrypted via the Master Password that only the user knows (ie not us) and (when using RoboForm Online) resides on a secure password-protected server:
app connects with server only when syncing files. RoboForm files run locally from the app.

iAccounts. If you need a password manager that backups on both windows and mac, look no further than iAccounts. It's very flexible and well supported. Check out the company web site for videos and infos. The backup app you install on your computer is FREE. Right, no money to pay. Free. Check it out, this one is the real deal.

Will any iphone password app allow you to view passwords/visa numbers and talk on the iphone at the same time?

Sorry, I dont see any reason to trust roboform to hold all my passwords in their website

I'm a brand-new iPhone user searching for a GOOD password manager. My frame of reference is RoboForm and RoboForm2Go because I've used them for years. With one master password I can unlock everything and point-and-click to log-in. I keep my credentials on a USB drive and carry 'em with. VERY handy., So, O.K., let's review what I thought: a company who's product I've been using for year wants me to upload all my log-in credentials to their server for safekeeping? Across an Internet browser which they have modified to work with their product and thus made it even less secure than Secunia thinks it is? And I can only reach RoboForm's support via Web and not telephone? Are they bonded? There's no bloody way I'm gonna load my log-in credentials into their server.