Rory's Story Cubes for iPhone and iPad review: Get writing inspiration from pictures on dice

Rory's Story Cubes for iPhone and iPad is the iOS version of the dice story-telling game of the same name. You roll the 9 cubes and tell a story inspired by the pictures on the dice. Rory's Story Cubes is a great way to get your imagination going and a fun tool for kids learning to write.

Rory's Story Cubes includes two sets of 9 cubes: original and actions. That's a total of 108 different icons, give an seemingly endless pool of possibilities. You can choose to use just one set of cubes, or both. There is also a "voyagers" set available for $1.99

To play the game, you simple choose which sets of dice you wish to use a shake your iPhone to shuffle them. You can then move them around on the board, rearrange them in a specific order, and rotate them. Rory's Story Cubes has a great design and very nice graphics.

The only thing Rory's Story Cubes includes for the game is the actual cubes. Most people play this game as a group, but I would love to see a writing section with smaller versions of the cubes displayed at the top for solitaire play. A voice recording feature is another great option for drafting a story while looking at and manipulating the cubes.

The good

  • Realistic physics - shake to roll the cubes. Move and rotate them as you tell your story.
  • Your cubes - add to your Rory’s Story Cubes collection. The app now comes with both the Original and Actions sets. Other sets available as in-app purchases.
  • New combinations - generate a random combination of 9 cubes from selected sets.

The bad

  • Doesn't provide a way to actually write the story

The bottom line

Rory's Story Cubes is a great way to spark a child's imagination and creativity. Even if not playing a group, telling each other stories, a student can use Rory's Story Cubes for a writing assignment at school or just to practice his or her story writing skills.

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Rory's Story Cubes for iPhone and iPad review: Get writing inspiration from pictures on dice


Looks interesting and a fun way to beat boredom when pictionary or charades or nothing much is appealing. My cousins ought to love this one...