Rovio's Bad Piggies appear in first gameplay trailer

Bad Piggies enjoyed its first gameplay trailer today, revealing that players will build rickety vehicles to transport the pigs to the eggs they love so dearly. We had heard that Rovio was working on a new game that had something to do with the nefarious pigs in Angry Birds, and that game is quickly approaching release. The vehicles are built with a variety of parts, which are provided in a format similar to Rovio's last game, Amazing Alex. The rickety contraptions have to overcome a wide variety of obstacles, and their effectiveness at doing so is rated out of three stars at the end of the course. 

Bad Piggies will be available in the iOS App Store starting September 27. The official site is live, complete with a silly little comic and video, though not much else.  Anyone interested, or is the Angry Birds brand running on fumes at this point? 

Source: Yahoo Games

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Rovio's Bad Piggies appear in first gameplay trailer